Irish Health Minister Doubles Down On ​HPV Vaccine Racket As Narrative Crumbles


By Jefferey Jaxen

Double Speak [duhb-uh l-speek] noun
1. language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth;

Shortly after taking his position as the Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris wasted no time attempting to revive a failed narrative. Picking up where his pro-big pharma, unempathetic predecessor Leo Varadkar left off, Harris started the medical double speak machine pushing an agenda while simultaneously covering his ass.

Here are some direct quotes from Harris:

“I don’t recommend that [the HPV vaccine] on a personal basis, I’m not a clinician, it’s not up to me to decide whether vaccines are safe…”

“I take my lead from the medical advice made available to me from the Chief Medical Officer in the department, and also from expert clinicians working with the likes of the Irish Cancer Society.”

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Simon, if you are taking your “lead” and “medical advice” from the Irish Cancer Society, you are getting bad information. Your Irish Cancer Society (and American Cancer Society) are heavily funded and sponsored by the makers of the HPV vaccine. If the conflicts of interest aren’t enough for you to consider cleaning up your own backyard, the recent public admission of Dr. Stanley, who told a teenage girl in a wheelchair “I don’t feel guilty” for severe adverse reaction caused by the HPV shot, should cause you to reconsider who you trust as “expert clinicians.”

A new article from Ireland Today writes:

The Irish Cancer Society points out that many studies have been conducted to ensure the safety of the vaccine. “The largest of these studies, conducted by the European Medicines Agency…”

Once again there appears to be a conflict of interest when resting an entire country’s HPV vaccine program on questionable data from an organization (EMA) whose creditably is problematic. After the EMA released its report about HPV vaccine safety, the Nordic Cochrane Institute published publicly its investigation titled ‘Complaint to the European Medicines Agency Over Maladministration at the EMA‘. To date, the Nordic Cochrane’s findings and questions in their report have not been sufficiently addressed.

Why is the Irish Health Minster, the Irish Cancer Society and Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer basing the entire country’s HPV vaccine program on discredited grounds currently lacking trust and integrity? Why are Irish officials ignoring real people’s complaints and stories of the continued harm caused by the HPV vaccine and instead blindly backing societies and health bodies with clear conflicts of interest, waning integrity and potentially false information? Why is the HSE still directing schools to withhold the vaccine manufacturer’s patient information leaflet listing all the vaccines’s documented side effects for families considering the shot?

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Ireland’s HSE is refusing to acknowledge that there has been even one case of a severe adverse reaction from the country’s poorly run and authoritarian HPV vaccine roll out. The HSE has also refused to train health professionals about the signs and symptoms of HPV vaccine injury to assist them in more accurate reporting. Due to the fact that the HSE has accepted the ruling that the HPV vaccine injuries are psychosomatic and/or coincidence, there has been no help or funding with the medical care for the country’s mounting vaccine-injured teenagers.

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This article (Irish Health Minister Doubles Down On ​HPV Vaccine Racket As Narrative Crumbles) was originally created by Jefferey Jaxen and published on and appears here with permission under this Creative Commons license.

Jefferey Jaxen is an independent journalist, writer, and researcher. Focusing on personal empowerment and alternative health, his work reveals a sharp eye to capture the moment in these rapidly changing times. Check out his YouTube. Like on Facebook and Tweet to Jefferey.

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