How to Decipher Confusing and Misleading Grocery Labels (w/Infographic)

shopping-1232944_960_720In one way or another, all of us shop for food. Whether it’s online, via subscription meal services, at restaurants, or at the grocery store, we have a lot of decisions about the food we buy and eat. The labels that accompany each food item don’t make the process any simpler. From “cage free” and “certified humane” to “natural,” “no antibiotics,” and “organic,” there are a lot of descriptors to designate how animals are fed and handled, how crops are grown, and how workers are treated. While these labels can help consumers, they also super confusing. Check out the infographic below to learn the differences between these terms and make more educated choices at the grocery store.

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How to Decipher Confusing and Misleading Grocery Labels


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