CDC, Monsanto and Bayer Cornering the Public; Follow the Money, Follow 1918


Op-ed by Tim Tucker

It was an immense false flag and it shifted the direction of all medical science in a disastrous industrial direction, and has never – even up to today – been exposed.

All the false flag researchers were not around to point it out.  But they are now and it’s key to stopping this Bayer and Monsanto repeat of 1918.

Take a good look at Bush and the set up for now. The CDC’s roll-out of mandatory vaccines (unknown, untested and unlimited) is combined with the ability to take away anyone who is traveling – or at home – and “treat” them with unspecified treatments.

Now no one has to accuse people of anything radical in order to pick them up and forcibly vaccinate or quarantine them.  Officials can simply claim the person doesn’t look well.  They can take the person away and inject any number of unknown vaccines into them (as they did in 1918) for being “behind schedule” or charge them $100,000 per “event” if they refuse.  And if a neighbor dies, they can be charged $250,000 for that.

Explore ALERT U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key

The CDC, CIA, Rockefeller Foundation, and Operation Paperclip are connected and they have utterly blindsided the false flag community.  While researchers may have a template for one kind of false flag, pharmaceutical industry false flags (including bioweapons) are different.  The media and “health officials” can say anything about what is occurring since you can’t see anything to the contrary. They can spray people and watch them fall ill later. After that, they can kill vast numbers of people with their toxic solutions (vaccines and other “treatments”) to “save” them.

So, here is THE false flag of false flags everyone has missed – the one the elite are moving forward on right now, only greatly ramped up. 

Take a look at the series “Bayer And Aspirin” published by the Food Freedom website:

Part 1: Bayer and Death: 1918 And Aspirin

Please note that Monsanto was involved in the 1918 deaths.   In 1917, Bayer, the then German competition cut prices in an effort to drive Monsanto out of business, but it failed to do so. Soon, Monsanto diversified into phenol (a World War I-era antiseptic), and Aspirin when Bayer’s German patent expired in 1917. Monsanto began making Aspirin, and soon became the largest manufacturer world-wide.

Part 2: Aspirin Killed, Homeopathy Saved 

Part 3: Vaccines and CDC’s Myth of a 1918 Virus 

Scientifically Proven Method to Reverse Diabetes (Ad)

Part 4: Aspirin Deaths Continue Beyond 1918  

Part 5: A New Set of Questions About 1918

In addition, to the Food Freedom series, there are number of other missing pieces that must be put together.

Part 6:  Bayer and WWII  – Look what they did 20 years later and how they experimented with vaccines
Part 7:  Bayer Inherits Nazi funds  Part 8:  Bayer and Bees 

Part 9:  Bayer and Monsanto  

Part 10:  Bayer and Terrorism 

Part 11:  Monsanto creates Sudden Death Syndrome in Plants, and Bayer funds mapping the pathogen

You can see the various shapes of the grand scheme of the ultimate false flag but the vaccines are the most visible totalitarian incarnation of it.

As Exopolitics writes in the article “Part One: Bush and 9/11 Using Explosives, Part Two: Rockefellers And A Coup, Using Bioweapons,

Those who did 9/11 aren’t finished.  Part 1 was bombs.  Part 2 is bioweapons.  That’s what the banking/corporate take over of the US is planned to be accomplished with.  Knowing that the Rockefellers control the CIA and funded IG Farben and ALL the gruesome, sadistic, murderous experiments there and brought Nazis scientists here and put Nazis in the CIA and never stopped funding appalling experiments after WWII, how many times do they need to sayebola (which the CIA controlled CDC created and patented) or that ISIS (which the CIA created) has weaponized ebola and will attack the US, before our penny drops?

And who’s to argue with protection of the public through mandated vaccines?

The Rockefellers are continuing the grotesque Nazi experiments and they are behind all the vaccines and the push for mandate vaccines.

We are now in the second stage.

You can also see that Jesuits are directly involved. It was the Jesuits at Georgetown University who were involved with Johns Hopkins who wrote the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act which is the basis of the recently CDC roll-out of forced vaccines and detaining anyone they want, at airports, crossing state lines, etc. for (unknown, untested, and unlimited) vaccines and medical “treatments.”

They also started the Tuskegee experiment which ran for 40 years, even before the Nazi experiments the Rockefellers funded. In is important to note that the CDC ran that experiment for 15 of those years.

Take a good look at the vaccines themselves.  The new ones are mostly DNA vaccines which have never even been approved for human use and contain viruses that are banned from vaccines since 1963 because they absolutely cause cancer.

Monsanto made DDT which is now believed to be what caused the polio “epidemic” and the Rockefellers were heavily involved in the pervasiveness of DDT.  They created the vaccines and had control of all medical and relevant governmental agencies so no one found out a safe, cheap, CURE for polio (and ultimately for all other viral diseases) was discovered in 1949, 6 years before the vaccines were to come out.

The world could have been free of every viral disease as a result of this cure.

Instead the Rockefellers have been making new ones and using them for mass murder and for control of countries (ebola was created by the CDC and used to bring US troops into oil rich west Africa, for instance).  And with what they have planned now with forced vaccines and insane penalties, they hope to destroy the US and take everything.

Remember that neurotoxins like DDT and other pesticides cause neurological conditions that are exactly like polio.

Now, because of the Zika hoax, cities are being sprayed with those very toxins.

You notice cities are being sprayed with those toxins now because of the Zika hoax?

The first thing people trust – medicine – is where the attack is coming from.  It’s like a Russian egg because inside that first egg are things people trust –  vaccines – having been told endlessly they were good for them but which they don’t know about, and inside that is the CDC helping them and inside that is military force, and but deep, deep inside it all something else is hidden – the bankrupting of everyone and seizure of everything.

That inner egg needs to blown out into the open.  It is like following the money for 9/11.  There’s no arguing.

The money part is mind-boggling.  The financial rape of the country has been set up under the CDC!  But look at the CDC and the CIA and you will see the whole thing is being run by the Rockefellers , the bankers, and oil magnates who funded Hitler and, before that, took over all the medical schools after 1918 and crushed homeopathy which actually saved people.

What’s more, the CDC took the Massachussetts mandatory vaccine bill as the blueprint and spearhead for their own agenda. Notice this one small aspect of an incredibly dangerous bill:

(1) the exercise of their powers over routes of transportation and over materials and facilities including but not limited to communication devices,  carriers, public utilities, fuels, food, clothing, and shelter;

An odd thing to add to a health bill, no?

But darned if it doesn’t intersect nicely with Executive Order 13603.

Now the CDC’s new regulations have gone and made the financial rape part many times worse adding forced quarantine, detention, and treatment to the list. Fortunately, however, that makes the money part many times more useful.  It brings everyone together.

It’s not a theory.  It’s NOT terrifying.  It’s enraging.

Those who planned all this counted on people backing away from vaccine stuff or martial law/control stuff – not wanting to know “conspiracy things.”

But people want to know about money.

Go after the money and part of the CDC’s actions and we can blow this whole agenda all sky high.  Let’s hear from the money analysts!  They will have a field day.  The bankers intend to turn on vaccines like some gigantic vacuum cleaner and suck up every dustball and lint of value in the country. And yes, they’ll be causing disease like crazy. People will be dying and others will waiting with their terrible “solutions.”

But remember that it was natural treatments that saved peoples’ lives during 1918.

For this reason, at the same moment that the CDC is rolling out forced vaccines, the FDA, run by Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor and his wife, are making a dramatic move to remove natural supplements from the country.

Undermining US law for the benefit of multinational corporations is a family affair in the Taylor household. To see how the concept of “risk assessment” can be usefully abused, let’s look at how Mrs. Michael Taylor adopts the conceit to her purposes.

Christine Lewis Taylor, a veteran FDA employee, has been busy working up the “scientific” justification for placing a cap on the level of nutrients people should be allowed to consume. To do so, she pushes a perverse concept that defines nutrients as toxins. In other words, Mrs. Taylor would like us all to believe that the vitamins and minerals needed by cells throughout the body in order to function and detoxify should be considered hazardous, requiring governmental oversight that would limit people’s exposure to them under law.

Those behind this massive 1918-like vaccine push are simultaneously removing nutrients that actually worked to save lives in 1918.  Bayer and Monsanto were involved in 1918 and Monsanto is involved now.Those behind the vaccine push know people are increasingly aware that vaccines can harm. They have arranged that avoiding their “medical solutions” (unknown, untested, unlimited vaccines, as well as drugs, and unspecified treatments), will bring absolute total financial disaster.

So, right NOW, we have to go after the financial part which is in writing and can’t be denied.  Americans will not shy away from that information but welcome it.

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