11-yr-old Boy Gives Away 600 Pairs of Shoes to Kids in Need


By Heather Callaghan

Wilmington, NC – Prepare to have your faith in humanity restored. Eleven-year-old Gunner Robinson of North Carolina has given away 600 pairs of new shoes to schoolchildren who normally would never get new shoes for the school year.

Where is he getting the shoes?

For three years, Gunner has asked for shoes instead of gifts for his birthday on August 15 – then he would donate them to children in need so that they could sport new shoes for the school year. Then, he began collecting new shoes from others and founded an organization just for donating new shoes to kids. He has collected nearly 600 pairs and plans to keep going indefinitely.

This writer must admit to feeling quite overcome with emotion upon hearing that this young man started an organization called – wait for it – Gunner’s Runners. I think I need a moment to collect myself…

Gunner, who says it’s not about the recognition, said:

I’ve always got shoes, like new shoes for school (nice ones), and I want other kids to get them too.

It just makes me feel better for other kids because they’re getting new shoes for the new school year.

Occasionally he receives money, like recently, from the Pender High School’s Class of 1991 reunion. He purchased 30 pairs of news shoes with that donation. One local shoe chain offered discounts to those who mentioned “Gunner’s Runners.” Collections are over for this school year, but there is a Facebook group for more information.

His mother Kristi Robinson said:

Words can’t even describe how proud we are of him because it was his idea, his doings.

What started as one little idea has sparked activism and inspiration among the Wilmington and metro-areas. Because Gunner acted on his generous spirit, hundreds of children can walk proud in their schools. Just one small act.

Dear Gunner – if I ever have a child, I hope he’s a lot like you. I might even name him Gunner, in which case, he will have to come up with a different kind of charity. Maybe he will rescue rabbits and his organization can be called Gunner’s Bunners, I don’t know – but you’re an inspiration – happy birthday!

Top photo: Madison Morgan/ Reporter, www.wwaytv3.com

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