This Eco-Friendly Pod Allows You To Work Comfortably Nearly Anywhere

EggPod1-1000x600By Amanda Froelich

One of the most difficult challenges might be to sit indoors when the weather outside is glorious. Luckily, a new invention actually encourages people to transport their work and office space elsewhere, and the brilliant concept is quickly gaining attention.

The GreenPod is a “renewable high-tech” workspace that was designed by Neste as part of their Pre-order the Future project.

As is made evident in the video below, the egg-shaped abode is the perfect workspace for a number of reasons. Not only can it be set up nearly everywhere, it blocks out noise, responds to weather changes, automatically charges all electronic devices, and pulls up work files and data for the right person using facial recognition.

In addition, a haptic feedback system could connect GreenPods around the globe. How’s that for tech of the future?!

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EggPod5-1000x600The creators of the unique ‘pop up’ workspace describe the pod as “a private capsule in a public space.” As Inhabitat points out, private is an accurate term, as the GreenPod doesn’t appear to fit more than two people.
Regardless, the concept is intriguing as the transportable office is made completely from renewable materials, though there is no mention of what materials exactly are being utilized to construct the prototype.

One thing is for sure, the idea is innovative and unique.

Said Osmo Kammonen, Neste’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Brand Marketing:

Public spaces are a great place to start the journey towards a renewable future. We are determined to create responsible choices every day.

At present, the GreenPod concept is competing against 5 other proposals to be developed. In September of this year, the winning concept will be announced and a physical prototype will be constructed.

If the GreenPod wins, would you invest in the mobile workspace? Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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