McDonald’s To Close 500 More Stores In 2016 As Consumers Adopt Healthier Habits


In 2015, McDonald’s closed 700 restaurants to save money. 2016 doesn’t seem to be faring much better for the fast food corporation…

As you might remember, the corporation ended up closing 700 restaurants around the world in 2015 – 350 more than was initially planned. At the time, McDonald’s spokesperson Beca Hary relayed to the press that the move was made to reduce financial losses.

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She wrote in an email:

“It’s important to note that while we will have a net reduction in restaurants [in the U.S.], the impact is minimal in comparison to the 14,000 restaurants we operate across the U.S.” 

She added that “we consistently review our restaurant portfolio and make strategic decisions to better position our business for the future.”

Hary has presently refused to comment on the closing of +500 Golden Arches restaurants.

Though the company intends to close 500 stores, it is opening 1,000 more in various locations around the world. By releasing the dead weight of failing restaurants and gaining 500+ establishments in locations where the public isn’t as educated on the adverse effects of eating fast food, McDonald’s hopes to revitalize its stocks and popularity.

To be fair, the tactic did work in 2015. In the final quarter of 2015, McDonald’s stock value rose dramatically because investors saw an opportunity for the business to start making money again.

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This short-term solution might buy McDonald’s more time, but it seems clear from trends in first-world nations, such as the United States, that consumers are fed up with low-quality offerings and are ready to invest in their health. Wilted lettuce, low-quality dressings, and mystery meat won’t cut it any longer, which is why chains like Amy’s Fast Food Drive-Thru and Chipotle have been such successful ventures.

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  • Pop_Korn

    The last time I ate at McDonalds (the first time in about 40 years) I got severe diarrhea.
    I had medical procedure that morning that required fasting before hand. After the procedure I went to the nearby McDonalds drive thru and got a fish sandwich (with tiny piece of fish), fries, and an ice tea. I didn’t eat many fries as they were dry and hard. I threw the fries away. By the time I got home I was very sick. For the money I spent, I could have went to the oriental all you can eat buffet…..and not gotten sick.
    Never again will I spend a nickel at McDonalds.

  • Joan Camara

    Do whaaat? To an oriental “all you can eat” buffet?? Ugh…do you know how unhealthy that would be?? All the MSG and other nasty chemicals they put in their food? Grossss! Please read my comment above, and switch your diet to all organic one, if you care ANYTHING, about your health. Why are you on this website, if you didn’t want to know about HEALTH??

  • Pop_Korn

    I said I could have….. not would have. I do eat healthy. That day I was very hungry after fasting and the VA hospital was over an hour away from home. There was an oriental buffet about a block away that advertizes all you can eat for $6.99. I do not eat there. I broke down and went thru the McDonalds drive thru because I wanted to get home as soon as possible to my 4 dogs. I eat organic whenever I can. I have 4 gardens that are organic.

    What comment above?

    Why are you on this website? Could it be to lecture others and make yourself feel superior?

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    Well I haven’t eaten ANY fast food in literally YEARS!!!! I only ate fast food Micky D’s and Burger Krap in 1999 when I was homeless. I ate the dollar menu and somehow survived for 3 months while living in my car. And yes I did lose weight because I only ate ONCE a day. I’d have one 99 cent burger a day. I know my health suffered from this diet but I had no money to buy anything else to eat. Oh yes, I forgot breakfast coffee….you know coffee with lots of creamer added and sugar….that was breakfast.

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