Russia Officially Bans GMOs, Predicts Total Domestic Food by 2020

Russia bans gmos

By Brandon Turbeville

As Monsanto and Big Ag takes a beating around the world (except for the U.S.), Russia has dealt another blow to the multi-national corporation. The Russian State Duma has recently passed a bill banning both the import and production of genetically modified foods. While the United States moves forward with its attempts to pass the authoritarian DARK Act, Russia is moving in the opposite direction.

Ensuring that the entire country is GMO-free, the Russian bill will apply to all crops and animals that are genetically modified except for a small number being researched and studied for scientific purposes.

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The Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich announced the intention to ban GMOs in 2015 but no legal penalties were developed until recently. Now, the production or importation of GMOs will carry a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 rubles for individuals and 100,000 to 500,000 rubles for violations committed by “legal entities.”

Russian officials insist that domestic farms are more than able to produce enough food for the entire country and have expressed hopes of stopping all imports of meat, dairy or vegetables by 2020.

We applaud the Russian government for implementing a reasonable solution to a problem that has plagued many in both the Western and Third World. We encourage the rest of the world to move in this direction.

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  • Joan Camara

    Now who doesn’t love Russia? Amazing! Hope they go through with it, earlier than that date! Too bad the US is lagging again in stupidity! Ashamed to live here, for so many reasons..

  • daveycrockett

    If I had the means I would move to Russia pronto.

  • blue579

    What’s missing here is the fact that Russian scientists are already deeply engaged in CRISPR/Cas 9 genetic engineering research. This is the new technology that makes the standard GMOs look medieval by comparison. In China, where attitudes are more permissive about experimentation on animals, radical and exotic genetic experiments are under way with large scale factory farming in the mix too. William F. Engdahl recently wrote a piece saying he was shocked and heartbroken to see China embrace GMOs. Guess he didn’t realized the banksters created and captured China since the days of Mao and probably going back to the Opium Wars. How will we know when Russia’s leaders turn to full blown Technocracy / Transhumanism genetic engineering to include food given the virtual media and alt media heavy filtering of news, both from Russia and the west?

  • blue579

    Sadly, Russia’s wealth disparity is the greatest among all nations in the world, so much so that analysts and economists assert it should be in its own special category. Billionaire kleptocrats rule under a “vertical of power structure” as explained by Russian affairs expert and academic, professor Karen Dawisha in her recent book Putin’s Kleptocracy, Who Own’s Russia.

  • clarioncaller

    Vlad’s public stance against GMO’s doesn’t square with his allowance of ‘flyover seeding’ of GMO plants. Something is not lining up with the rhetoric.

  • Bruce Wayne

    By 2020 you will have trouble finding anything that is not already permanently GMO. Good luck with that. There’s a good chance that by 2020 there will even be a growing number of GMP’s. Genetically Modified People

  • daveycrockett

    Dawisha is highly subjective, look at the title. Worldwide we have been overtaken by a fascist corpocracy. 62 obscenely rich individuals own more wealth that 3.5 billion people. Those 62 DO NOT reside in the RF, nor do they have ties with Russia.

  • blue579

    I read the book carefully, she did a tremendous amount of research in Russia and poured through official records and analyses both in Russia and western state departments (American and European). Russian elites hold most of their billions of wealth in global elite controlled investment vehicles and a large percentage of their families are ensconced in the west, living in the lap of luxury. Russian elites, same as Chinese elites, middle eastern, etc., are all working hand in hand with the apex global elite. Akin to fractals in the larger NWO technocratic system being rolled out, they are junior mafia members. Crony politics, crony economics, billionaires in a country where the median income for 2014 was approx $1,000 a year (not month). Russia began implementing IMF/UN neoliberal and Agenda 21 policies in the 90s, now they are embracing UN Agenda 2030 and the Orwellian 24/7 tracking systems being put into higher gear around the world. Last week Russian officials sent some dissidents to Siberia for criticizing the Kremlin, no threats were made, simple criticism. Several Russian Jehovah Witnesses have been prosecuted for “practicing an unauthorized religion”. As shameful as the west has been in steadily eviscerating civil liberties, Russia is far worse, quickly approaching the Chinese model. The battle for freedom must come from the ground up – around the entire world.

  • blue579

    BTW, Russian central banks are directly tied to [Rothschild] Bank of International Settlements – BIS being the main bank of all international banks. Putin has been a long time good friend of Kissinger, they go way back to Putin’s days as a young KGB officer. Finally, it was under Putin’s authority the massive Moscow false flag apartment bombing attacks occurred (caught red handed when an FSB/KGB agent was placing a large bomb in the basement of large apartment complex).

  • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    What does GMO foods and Domestic grown food have to do with anything? A farmer can grow Certified Non-GMO and organic vegetables domestically or buy it from a neighbouring country. Misleading title.

  • Well_Actualy

    Russia has also passed a law which means a gay person can be put in prison for 15 days for holding hands in public. Just because a government takes a stance on something, doesn’t mean that stance is correct.

  • daveycrockett

    I appreciate your comments. One may have to ask the likes of Gérard Depardieu, or Jeff Monson – what prompted you to take up Russian citizenship, and what do you think of the human condition in the RF, as opposed to the West? Strictly speaking, quality of life is not about per capita income.

  • blue579

    I completely agree that per capita income and quality of life don’t always correlate well and although life expectancy, access to education, social mobility, and other factors do correlate to income, it’s still too narrow of a lens. Nevertheless, using such stats as a peephole into Russia we find it has the most extreme median housing price to income ratio of any nation. If the per capita income is low but the cost of living is extremely low and owning a modest home is well within reach that would be a different story. For a long time Europe had a relatively high housing/income ratio and, of late, the globalists have been driving the US to this model, which exactly suits the long term austerity goals of Agendas 21 and 2030. I’m sorry, but it is not at all a stretch to say Russians have fewer civil liberties, very clearly that is the case. The civil liberties enshrined in Russia’s 1993 constitution were dismantled after the 1999 false flag apartment bombings. BTW, the many activists, journalists, family members of victims, and bureaucrats who tried to open a real investigation into the attacks were silenced, several with untimely deaths. Thus, more draconian treatment than 9/11 Truth in the US. I’m not picking on the Russian people, I believe they have the same weaknesses and strengths observed in all of humanity. Historically, the Iron Law of Politics applies to all people throughout the ages and owes to our hard wiring being set up to closely monitor each other in groups roughly equivalent to the Dunbar number (~150). Anyway, that’s my analysis as a cognitive science geek. Incidentally, there is a documented history of the powers-that-shouldn’t-be creating, funding, arming, and controlling all sides of EVERY conflict and that includes the rise of the USSR going back to the days of the Bolsheviks and the emergence of Stalin as irrefutably proven by the late great professor Antony Sutton (interviews and book on The Best Enemies Money Can Buy). Merely the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

  • blue579

    If you’re interested, here’s a head up: the global elite are moving very quickly to roll out the new system I mentioned and part of the plan involves fracturing large nation states into more manageable bite size entities and this includes, of course, the US, China, Russia, and likely NATO as a construct of western alliance (thus their allowance of Brexit). Also, take a look at the map of the New Middle East Project and how Iraq is fractured into thirds and then there is the Ukraine now subdivided. A friend tipped me off to a blogger a few years ago who has written a good summary of this process, you can find it at redefininggod (dot) com. Last summer the Rothschilds owned The Economist wrote a piece about the inevitable break up of Russia due to economic and political fragility. Also last summer, the Wall Street Journal floated the idea of the US fracturing in a Peggy Noonan column in which she described an interview with an unnamed powerful mover and shaker. As well, the blogger Ken discovered that the WSJ wrote about the likely fracturing of China. Now in the US we see the re-visiting of talk of secession (e.g. Texas) without any analysis on the double edged sword being wielded.

  • daveycrockett

    At least Russians don’t have to deal with the endless minutae of thousands of new laws that the west has enacted. Not too mention an utterly corrupt electoral process and leaders such as Obama and the Clintons and Bushes who all need to be serving life sentences for crimes against humanity, but who still swagger with total impunity, and armed guards at every turn they make. There is absolutely no comparison in the levels of corruption between the U.S. and Russia. Not to mention, the U.S. middle class is gone, wiped out.

  • blue579

    There are international organizations that measure endemic levels of corruption by nation and Russia ranks near the bottom of some 170 countries on the list. My spouse confirms this having traveled extensively in his youth with his father, a US State Dept PhD Economic adviser. It’s well known in academia, as well. What you are frustrated with, as am I, is the absurd simulacrum of “democracy” in the west that most of the rest of the world is not deluded by in their own nations. You seem to have a rose colored glasses view of Russia due to co-intelpro propaganda, better to see the reality that Russians are far poorer (no middle class) and less free than you understand. What matters is understanding the modus operandi of the puppet masters who control all national leaders and their constant use of contrived geopolitical theater – the Hegelian dialectic, starting with Antony Sutton.

  • daveycrockett

    At the end of the day, once the final push goes for globalization, I will be interested to see what Putin, or whomever is leading the government that day, (and it is close) and the Russian people do to stop it. I for one think that they will die trying to stop the fascist globalists, and that is what I admire about Russians. They have a spirit which is gone in the West. They will put up with relative poverty, but they will not put up with the loss of sovereignty.

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