Life Lessons Of Mahatma Gandhi


By Lanaria Amberkira, The Netherlands

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: (Porbandar, October 2, 1869 – New Delhi, January 30, 1948). Was an Indian politician.

After studying law in England, Gandhi went to South Africa, where he devoted himself to the Indian population. After returning to India, he became leader of the Indian independence struggle. Mahatma Gandhi was called “the spiritual father” of India and was the biggest proponent of active nonviolence as a means of revolution. He was assassinated in 1948 in New Delhi by a Hindu extremist. (“Mahatma” means “great soul.”)

British India was the name of an area that includes the current countries of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of Myanmar (Burma). It was a British colony until 1947. Sixty-nine years ago, British India was divided into the majority Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan. It brought unprecedented migration underway which went very bloody. The ‘Partition’, until today a trauma.

Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru held on the eve of the division a historic speech: “Long years ago we made an appointment with destiny. On the stroke of midnight, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. ” As he spoke those words were large parts of the west, east and north of the country ablaze. (Read for example: British historian Yasmin Khan in her book The Great Partition)

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Gandhi had grown up with the principle of ahimsa (not hurt at all creatures) and was a vegetarian. In September 1906, when he was in South Africa, Gandhi launched the satyagraha (faithful to the truth) and he put his plans to turn to peaceful protest apart. Gandhi called upon the people to resist themselves against the pass laws, but there should be no violence and not even be reviled. In the seven years that followed, thousands were beaten, put in prison and humiliated, but from the side of the Indians was no violence. The audience in South Africa began to get more and more sympathetic to Gandhi and finally was General Jan Christian Smuts forced to negotiate with Gandhi.

In 1915 he returned to India and started there his further political career, in which he had been jailed for six years but was released earlier. In March 1930 Gandhi began a new satyagraha against the tax on salt with the famous salt march to Dandi. A successful march of 400 kilometers and he forced off new negotiations.

An excerpt of that conversation: Lord Irwin: “With all due respect, Mr. Gandhi, without British government this country void to chaos.” Gandhi: “Mr. Irwin, I ask you to accept that there is no nation on earth that does not prefer their own bad government over good government of a foreign power.”

“Do or die” in the fight for freedom.

The Quit India campaign was the largest and most massive movement for independence ever. Many were killed or arrested. Mahatma ended up again in jail, the third time now. This time were two very difficult years, both physically and with the loss of his wife.

Gandhi visited England (1931) and had among other things. a meeting with Charlie Chaplin and King George VI. He went into his homespun lumbar and shawl. When he was asked afterwards if he was not simply dressed for such a visit, Gandhi replied: “His Majesty had enough clothes for both of us.”


For Gandhi truth was similar to justice. He also held regular hunger strikes and he became symbol of strength and self-consciousness. Tolerance for every human religion. The Gita guide was for him to overcome every form of desire and turn into equanimity, composure, action and focus on God.

Against the oppression of the people from India, Gandhi developed and used various non violent methods of struggle, based on a number of deliberately peaceful values. One was to give a possible explanation as favorable to the intentions of the enemy and give him the opportunity to set aside his lower impulses. He must be freed from his error by patience and sympathy. If words do not convince him, it may be determined possibly a pure and honest act might do so. Violence, insults and fanatical propaganda are hereby excluded. Unnecessary suffering should be spared the opponent.

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Not surrender to injustice. It requires self-control and courage to forgive. It is active resistance at a higher level.

The independence of British India in 1947 marked the end of a 40-year nationalist struggle. The partition of India into a Muslim and Hindu state resulted in a large migration, because many towns and cities had a mixed population, and was the cause of much violence. At least a million lives and a total of about 7 million refugees in both directions. The violent religious tensions led in January 1948 to the murder of the great inspirer of this struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, because he would have been too indulgent towards the Muslims.


Today we are not talking about the occupation and colonization of an independent country, but the suppression of much people of the world, by the richest 0.1%.

The methods and the causes are the same. Suppression and enrichment at the expense of the population and the lies often remain the same. For the benefit and freedom of the people. The word “freedom” has been abused many times.

After Reagan and Thatcher introduced market capitalism and neo-liberalism in the early 80’s, the circumstances are deteriorated financial and social protections of citizens rapidly.

2001 9/11: A terrible attack; “The world will never be the same” said Bush.Jr. Again with repeating lies the world was again dragged into a war. The word “terrorism” and “security” have been widely misused and freedom came under increasing pressure. Bush Jr. Cheney, Blair and his associates should be brought to the international court in The Hague for war crimes.

2008: The economic crisis. Again and again the greed unprecedented by constant enrichment and outright scams, packed in attractive sales stories. The good citizens are burdened with spending cuts and tax contributions to the emergency leading financial institutions, up to the present day.

Fortunately, people are finally awake. However, modern man (slave) is not in chains but has debts, still stirs the people, murmured the people, awakened the people more. Everywhere people go on the streets, calling for change, but also the opposition has never been greater.

In Europe there is great division on the reception of refugees, which is also a big problem, but a result of State ……. right populism to stir up the people, and left / social Europe is failing because they are not unanimous. Turkey is a difficult partner. England with Brexit, France, Spain, Greece where the revolution has already begun. All of Europe is spread to the bone and it is quite tense.

In America, with Donald Trump (an unguided and uncontrolled individual, with such a large EGO, he is too easily offended), and as it now lets look, unfortunately, with Hillary Clinton (Establishment, Wallstreet) everything remains the same . There probably are big problems coming, because of the riots that are already on the rise.

By this terrible contradictions, people are diametrically opposed, both in America and in Europe and a minor event, or under a false flag, can do anything to escalate into civil wars.

And again benefit the elite of civil war and they come closer and closer to their goal. One world power, one religion, their religion, police control state, without freedom, with implanted chips, modern slaves and when they disobeyed, there are plenty of prisons ready, or you will be slaughtered as a terrorist, a danger to society.

We ‘White Rose Evolution’ call for a nonviolent global movement for peace, love, respect for everyone, because nonviolence is the power and justice of acting and will ultimately prevail. There is only one World, one Life, one Human Race.



Ending with Mahatma Gandhi powerful phrase, “Civil disobedience is a moral duty, when governments are lawless and corrupt.”

Lanaria Amberkira

Mahatma Gandhi-Documentary.

Thanks to: Wikipedia, Political Heroes, Youtube, Google, N.van Els.

Lanaria AmberkiraSimply written by a simple-minded man with simple ideas, but perhaps one of Colombus’ eggs.  Lanaria Amberkira. Administrator of the page Stop the Selfishness of Greed

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