Elon Musk’s Brother To Open “$5 Or Less” Healthy Fast Food Joint

Musk1-768x512By Amanda Froelich

By now, everyone has heard they need to eat healthier. But doing so? Not as easy as it sounds. You have a job, you have kids you need to feed and shuttle to after-school activities, and when you’re not playing parent-of-the-year, you have your own life and workload to take care of. We get it.

And, so do many entrepreneurs, such as the founders of Amy’s Fast Food Drive Thru in California. If you haven’t heard, that start-up did incredibly well, and the business is already intending to expand nationwide. But another entrepreneur you’ve likely heard about is Kimbal Musk (yes, tech genius Elon Musk’s youngest brother), and he’s about to open a restaurant that everyone can get excited about.

According to Tech Insider, Musk is inspired to give the world a fast food joint that’s both affordable and healthy. The business guru already sits on the boards of Tesla, SpaceX and Chipotle Mexican Grill – and founded his own venture, The Kitchen Community – but his latest venture is excitingly unique. After all, health-conscious restaurants do exist in many big cities, but meals can be upwards of $10 per entree, a cost that’s not reasonable for the majority of the populace.

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That’s why in August, Kimbal will open The Kitchenette, a grab-and-go cafe where everything costs less than $5. The Tennessee-based restaurant will mainly serve sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Musk2-768x488Visitors are sure to flock to the location, as the restaurant will sit on a 4,500-acre park and conservancy. After grabbing their delicious cuisine, patrons can mosey outside and sit on the patio or the Park’s giant lawn.

The interior will maintain the rustic, hipster feel of a coffee shop and a counter and a few tables will be placed inside. Reportedly, Musk hopes to launch more locations within Memphis and eventually nationwide. Of course, no plans have been solidified yet, as the establishment has yet to open.
In today’s economy, it’s not easy for many families to invest in their health and purchase nourishing food. That’s why the menu is priced to be so affordable, so it may compete with the true competition, such as McDonald’s. Musk told the press that he’ll be partnering with local farmers to keep the cuisine as local as possible, as well as more economical.

Musk3-768x459If you’re in the area and excited about the new venture, The Kitchenette is already hiring. You can learn more about the upcoming restaurant by visiting the website.

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