What to do in Case You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?


Nursing home abuse is a type of abuse that affects hundreds of residents in these specialized facilities. Unfortunately, many of them experience this abuse on a daily basis. The most frequent type of abuse in nursing home residents is negligence. Latest statistics show that there is a continuous growth of the number of nursing home abuse cases. So, the question is what should people do in case they suspect that their loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse? The simplest answer is to look for a good Nursing Home Law Center. With the help of the professionals who work there, people are able to take some actions and put an end to the abuse. In this way they are not only protecting their loved ones, but also the rest of the residents in these homes.

We all know that most of the people who are old are not able to defend and protect themselves and in some cases they can’t even tell their relatives that they are victims of abuse and/or negligence. Experienced nursing home abuse attorneys who have worked on dozens of such cases will help their families identify these signs and indicators that something very wrong is going on. The truth is that there are clear signs in case some older individual is abused or neglected. We will know highlight some of the most frequent signs of such abuse. By learning more about these signs, you will know when is the right time to consult an attorney specialized in cases like this.

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One of the first signs of nursing home abuse is a situation where the resident has pressure sores also known as pressure ulcers or simply bedsores. This is an obvious sign that the elderly are not treated in the right way. There are a huge number of older citizens who can’t turn their body in bed. They might be suffering from a stroke or some other condition, but regardless of the cause they can’t do this without help. It is the nurse’s duty to turn these people every 2-3 hours. If they don’t help them, their condition will get worse and after some period of time, they will get bedsores. These bedsores will eventually turn into serious infections.

Furthermore, many attorneys know that there is mistreatment when they notice bruises or cuts in elderly persons and when these wounds are appearing regularly. This is a classic example of abuse not only in nursing home facilities.

Many people think that broken and damaged personal belongings of nursing home residents are not something unusual. There are many older citizens who are suffering from dementia or some physical problems that make them break and damage things around them. However, the staff of the nursing home should prevent this and they should definitely clean up the mess when it happens. So, if this is something that you witness frequently then you should know that they are responsible for this situation.

In addition, when the elderly experience unexpected weight loss in a short period of time and they can’t bring back their usual weight, then this could mean that they are not eating well. Once again, this can be a result of negligence, but it can also mean that the staff is abusing the resident. In any case, there is space for a lawsuit and legal actions.

Of course, there are few other signs of such abuse and negligence. So, if you feel that something is not right and you suspect nursing home abuse, it is crucial to contact a Nursing Home Law Center.

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