Monsanto CEO Has “Feels” Hurt by GMO Debate


By Brandon Turbeville

Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO, is having a rough time these days. He’s upset about the state of the country and uncivilized debates. More specifically, Grant is upset over the “heated rhetoric” surrounding the GMO debate in America.

“The thing that drives [me] a little bit nuts, and is the frustrating piece in this, is it’s such a polarized debate and I don’t think it should be.” said Grant in an interview with CNN Money.

It’s not surprising that Grant would feel frustrated now. After nearly two decades of force-feeding Americans toxic substances that masquerade as food or soaked in pesticides, Americans are finally coming around to the idea that perhaps eating real food is better than eating Monsanto‘s “product.”

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Grant claims he is troubled by the heated rhetoric and angry nature of the debate, meaning he is troubled by the anger and vitriol of anti-GMO activists. Grant obviously longs for the days when Americans would simply line up to the trough and eat whatever came out of his bucket. More so, we can imagine that Grant longs for the days when Americans did not even know they were eating slop.

But now that millions of Americans are aware of what Monsanto has been piling on their plates for so long, and after numerous reports and studies have been produced demonstrating the danger of GMOs, a number of Americans have predictably found themselves a little peeved.

This has indeed led to the use of heated rhetoric on the part of anti-GMO activists who feel that cancer was not exactly what they signed up for when they went to their local grocery store. Backtalk from the plebs, however, has caused Grant’s “feels” to be hurt and his emotions stirred into an uproar. Why can’t these people just shut up and eat the stuff we snuck onto their plates for 20 years? After all, they’ve been eating it for decades and didn’t even know – why complain now?

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Grant’s statements regarding the history of his product, are the standard public relations affair. But standard PR hasn’t been helping Monsanto over the last couple of years. So Grant resorted to the same rhetoric that would be used by any invading and conquering power – “Monsanto is promoting GMOs to save the world!”

“There’s an inexorable rise in population and global warming, and water consumption, and those three things are all happening at once,” says Grant. His statement of course, is reminiscent of that of Thomas Malthus, another “humanitarian” who wished to save the world by destroying half of it. “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man,” said Malthus in 1798.

Despite the fact that Malthus lived in a time of organic agriculture, here we are in 2016 still alive and kicking in greater numbers than ever. Starvation is generally a result of war, imperialism and sanctions rather than lack of abundance. Grant would do well to remember another quote by his comrade-in-arms that sums up the mission and result of Monsanto’s domination of the American food supply. That is, “The rich, by unfair combinations, contribute frequently to prolong a season of distress among the poor.” But we are sure Grant can translate this sentiment into his own words.

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  • SonsofAnarchy5768


  • George Henry

    GMO’s are POISON. Ample studies and evidence (see Seralini study) showing the harm from eating this junk. All laden with toxic glyphosate, 2,4D and Bt toxin. We must reject this at all costs folks. Organic and sustainable agriculture will easily feed the world with healthy, natural, God given nutrients. What utter stupidity and arrogance to think science can do better than Nature herself.

  • barbarakelly

    Send these criminals to prison for poisoning us and our lands for growing food. They deserve NO petty. and no “feels”. They are even killing our Bee’s to pollinate our trees.

  • Kell

    I dont understand why (aside from corruption and greed) people/humans/our species has to make things so hard and confusing, why don’t we do this then….Scientists from Monsanto and Scientists from an Independent 3rd party like Saralini get TOGETHER with another parties camera company filming at all times (and not fox news lol) to ensure everything is above board and no corruption is involved, and do a controlled experiment “together” to ensure the data is accurate and in a controlled environment to test if glyphosate if cancerous, and lets see what Monsanto’s response to that would be 🙂 another interesting thing to see would be to check the pantries and refrigerators of Monsanto’s CEO’s GM’s VP’s and R&D teams etc and see if they’re eating they’re own product of course as a human species these two purposed scenarios make too much sense and would never actually happen though right?

  • Cheryl Ann

    waaaa! the killer’s feelings are hurt. i bet he cries… all the way to his off-shore tax sheltered bank account.

  • Cheryl Ann

    and don’t forget all the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that come on those franken-foods!

  • per sigurd hansen

    is he serious? but in any case, NOBODY BUT YOUR OWN KIND LIKES YOU!! f#¤k monsanto!!!

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