10 Effective and Natural Ways to Reduce Snoring


By Danielle Ward

Snoring is an anomaly in the body during sleep, and causes noise due to the relaxation of your throat and in the back of the mouth. Snoring can be considered as an extremely annoying habit to people sleeping around you and make you lose sleep. It can also mean a serious illness that can be related to sleep apnea or a heart problem.

Just one night of lost sleep can lead to poor judgement and emotional dysregulation. Let’s help deal with snoring by sharing some of the best methods to get our sleep-life back on track.

Method #1: Introduce Yoga into your Life

Yoga is a proven exercise that helps prevent snoring by teaching you various breathing exercises to ease your lungs and supply them with oxygen. Pranayama is a part of yoga that is well known to aid people suffering from sleep disorders.

Pranayama works by providing the brain with sufficient oxygen and deep relaxation techniques. This opens up your breathing patterns and opens up all the air passages to give your body a better overall blood circulation and preventing snoring in the process.


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Method #2: Fixing your Sleeping Posture

Most people can fix their snoring just by changing their sleeping position. Try switching positions, if you are used to sleeping on your back, try sleeping on the side, this can help prevent the muscles of your tongue from falling back to prevent snoring.

You can attach a soft ball-like device and sew it into a sock and then pin it to your shirt to prevent you from turning to your backside during deep sleep.


image: tennisballshirt.com

Method #3: Change your lifestyle

Following a healthy, organic diet with ample amount of exercise combined with following a sleeping pattern can provide the much-needed release from snoring. A hectic lifestyle can cause a lot of stress and a lazy lifestyle can make your body lethargic. It is important to always stay active and enjoy fun activities to de-stress from time to time.

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Method #4: Avoid the effects of Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol is not just bad for your overall health but can represent diseases related to the heart and liver. Alcohol dehydrates the body and hence relaxes the muscles to expand and create a blockage in the airways, this, in turn, promotes snoring. It’s advisable to not have alcohol before bedtime.

Smoking can damage your throat and cause inflammation, this can cause irritation during sleep and cause you to snore more often than if you weren’t smoking.

Method #5: Relax the Nasal Passages

Usually, a stuffy nose during a cold or for any other reason can block air circulation and create difficulty in breathing, which can lead to snoring. You might use a nasal decongestant to provide relief, this can promote better inhalation and help you sleep better at night.

Blocked nasal passages also promote mouth breathing, which is one way people start snoring, due to increased relaxed muscles in the throat and blocked airways in the nasal cavity. Relieving a blocked nose will stop you from breathing from your mouth and clear the airways for a sound sleep.

Editor’s note – try peppermint oil or natural peppermint drops – works great!


Method #6: Dry Air can dry your mouth

If you sleep in a room with absolutely no humidity, this is a cause for concern as it can create an environment with absolutely no moisture to dry your throat. Try to open up your windows and allow for fresh air to come in to get a better atmosphere to soak the room.

A humidifier will keep stale dry air at bay preventing your tissue membranes from drying up the passages and ensuring you enjoy a well-rested sleep.

Method #7: Change or Fixing your Pillows

To get a well-rested sleep, it is important to be comfortable and maintain a head position that is optimum to your spine. A good pillow not only ensures comfortable sleep but sets the alignment of your posture to prevent snoring and ensures better breathing.

Another thing of concern is if the pillow is too thick it can cause your head to align with your throat in a way that restricts oxygen, it is important to always change your pillows from time to time to prevent snoring due to bad pillows.


Method #8: Using an Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

There are plenty of devices that can help fix your snoring issues. One such device is the Chin Strap that goes over the user’s chin all the way to the back of their head. This device ensures that your mouth remains closed and allows breathing only through the nose to prevent you from ever having to open your mouth during deep sleep to find yourself snoring.

While men needed a larger strap due to their larger structure, it is quite a handy device that has proven to have worked with many people having sleep problems. So why not try one today and see if your snoring vanishes for good?

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Method #9: Utilizing the Aid of a Snore Spray

Snore sprays are solutions that cause the nasal passageways of the nostrils to completely open up and give room and way to a better breathing system. Since most leading sprays last throughout the night, you can be rest assured to having a concept that requires just a spray before bedtime to take full effect all through your sleep hours.

Editor’s note: consider a homeopathic spray; King Bio makes a good one.


Method #10: Try using Theravent for a Quiet Sleep

Theravent Snore Therapy utilizes an adhesive concept that is placed on the user’s nostrils before bedtime. Using MicroValve technology to achieve ‘Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure’ or EPAP, it uses the MicroVavles to close during exhalation to create a minor pressure to open up the throat’s airways. This process prevents snoring significantly.

However, a thing of note is it takes several nights for you to get used to the concept as it can be odd at first and requires some time of usage.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA


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