Your Green Gift Guide to Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day will soon be upon us; this year it falls on May 8th. Get a jumpstart on your Mother’s Day gifts with this charming green gift guide sure to find you wonderful items to give to that special woman in your life. Charm your green mom with some ecofriendly gifts she’s sure to love this Mother’s Day. Whether she’s your mom, aunt, or wife, these present ideas will definitely make her smile with delight this May.

Nature’s Best Décor

Make her home come alive with living décor she will adore. Whether you order a delivery of beautiful Mother’s Day flower arrangements or buy framed succulents that she can hang up on her living room or bedroom wall, your efforts to bring more natural elements into her daily life inside are sure to be appreciated. If she has a case of green thumb-itis, she may want to cultivate her own natural décor. Consider a ‘grow your own terrarium’ kit from a site like and really make your present a standout.

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Skin Care

Skin care is so important, and if your mom has mentioned an interest in trying out some new products, consider purchasing her a line of green skin care products that will keep that epidermis looking and feeling its best. Suki Skin Care offers all sorts of face cleansers, lotions, and toners that are perfect for sensitive skin. All of their offerings are free of parabens, sulfates, and allergens, and they are all created with cruelty free practices, meaning these will be products your mom feels good about using on her skin.

Focus on Fairtrade

We should all make an effort to Fairtrade items. Shopping Fairtrade means supporting local communities, as it promotes fair pay and working conditions for workers, and its manufacturing practices are sustainable, meaning less of an impact on our environment. Shopping this way will let you know where exactly your products are sourced and made, and gives you better insight into the conditions which result in your favorite new bracelet or bag. Any green gal is sure to appreciate your efforts to purchase from a Fairtrade company, and you can feel good about your purchase, knowing your money is going to those who truly deserve it for their efforts.

A New Purse

Grab the special mom a bag from Ampersand As Apostrophe. Company creator and designer Jessica Park focuses on minimalist, trendy styles and creates her wares through ecofriendly practices with an emphasis on upcycling materials. By reworking items such as old mail bags, these trendy pieces are sure to be loved by any green life-loving gal and will definitely delight the mom in your life.

The Perfect Gift for a Sweet Tooth

If the mom in question prides herself on providing healthy treats for her little ones, make sure you return the favor with some healthy and delicious indulgences. Allison’s Gourmet treats are delicious, and most importantly, they’re green living approved. Vegan and made entirely from organic ingredients, these delicious treats pack a serious punch for anyone suffering from a sweet tooth. Have a batch of melt in your mouth cookies delivered straight to your mother’s door on this special day, or show up to the annual Mother’s Day brunch with a box of gourmet sampler items like Mexican chocolate brownies or crumbly vanilla almond cookies. She makes sure her kids are eating healthy and nutritious, so why shouldn’t she receive the same consideration?

A Gift of Charity

If you want a unique gift idea that actually does the world a ton of good, consider donating a tree in the special mom’s honor. At, you can donate tree seedlings to a family in need in her name. The recipients of the seedlings will be educated on caring for the plant, and will be benefited by the production of firewood and fodder, the production of delicious fruit, and better air quality. This gift will surely bring a happy tear to her eye, and change the lives of a family halfway across the world.

Use this list as your guide to locating the best ecofriendly presents for the green mama you know and love on Mother’s Day this year.

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