Smelling and Tasting Chemtrails: Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning Parallel Reports


By Russ Tanner

Hundreds of people have contacted me who smell and/or taste the chemical aerosols being sprayed into the air. These fellow sufferers have thanked me for exposing this crime against humanity. I thank them for telling the truth about ongoing chemical aerosol spray operations which endanger lives around the world.


What is sprayed in the sky must fall to the ground. We have ample evidence of this by rainwater, soil, and blood tests showing massive contamination of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other toxic substances that burn patches of ground and leaves. These are the same toxins that have been detected during direct chemical aerosol sampling of plumes in the sky.

When these metal particles fall to the ground, they can be detected by sensitive people. I am one of them.

As someone who now smells these toxic metals and chemicals in the air dailly, it is my obligation to altert the public, and that is what this article is all about.

If you want to know why you get sudden migraines, joint pain, tiredness, or a host of other symptoms throughout the week, this is your most likely culprit.

It’s time to wake up and take this alert very seriously. It is in fact the largest crime against humanity in human history, and you should never expect mainstream media to tell you the truth about it.

You can read my detailed account of my first encounter with chemtrails in my chemtrail story.

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Why Can I Taste and Smell Chemtrails?

For me, the taste and smell of chemtrails are overwhelming because my senses of taste and smell are extremely sensitive. I believe there is a perfectly sound scientific reason for this.

GABA is an amino acid in the body that regulates the conductivity of nerves. Without this regulation, your thoughts would race uncontrollably and you would become extremely sensitive to sound, light, scents, and tastes. This vital substance essentially regulates your sensitivities so you can function without being overwhelmed by incoming sensory information.

Mercury is a heavy metal that interferes with thousands of chemical processes in the body. One of the things that mercury does is to prevent GABA from binding to their receptors in the body. This loss of essential active GABA results in:

  • Racing thoughts and looping songs or melodies in your mind—very common today as is mercury toxicity.
  • Quickly-changing thoughts resulting in the inability to stay focused or to concentrate or to finish projects. This may also contribute to a loss of short-term memory so you often forget why you went into the kitchen.
  • Sensitivities to sounds so that they interfere with thought processes. For example, a dog barking in the distance may irritate you or prevent you from getting to sleep.
  • Sensitivities to sensations so that clothes that touch your neck may be very irritating. You may find that a pillow touching your neck prevents you from getting to sleep.
  • Sensitivities to emotions that can result in depression, moodiness, irritability, rage, and sudden outbursts. This also results in general fear and negative thoughts which manifests as a fear of the dark, fear of car crashes, fear of confrontation, and many other various fears and phobias.
  • Sensitivities to light that make you squint in bright sunlight.
  • Sensitivities to scents and tastes leading to MCS-like symptoms.

The symptoms of low GABA explain why mercury causes hyperactivity, moodiness, depression, over-stimulation, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and numerous other diseases, both physical and emotional.

I believe that long-term exposure to mercury can permanently affect the way the body utilizes GABA and therefore result in permanent sensitivities in the senses of smell and taste.

Being a child in a medical family, I was fully vaccinated (vaccines contain biologically-enormous amounts of mercury) and had a mouth full of mercury-based “silver” dental fillings. This continued exposure to mercury changed my personality and eventually led to numerous health issues. I finally had the amalgam fillings removed which resulted in the almost-immediate reversal of all of my health issues, fears, and phobias. However, my heightened sense of smell and taste remained and are likely a result of irreversible “damage” caused to an aspects of my body’s ability utilize GABA.

In an ironic twist of fate, the very toxin (mercury) that was given to me to harm me by the pharmaceutical industry has now resulted in my ability to detect and speak out against chemtrails: The pharmaceutical industry’s latest toxological “experiment” on the public via the military industrial complex.


Some Don’t Experience These Sensitivities

Many people with mercury toxicity don’t experience increased senses of smell and taste. There is a very basic explanation for this.

The most common reason people lose their senses of smell and taste is zinc deficiency. As a person’s zinc diminishes, so does their sense of smell and taste. Mercury binds to zinc rendering it useless thereby inducing an effective zinc deficiency which counteracts the increased sensitivity in smell and taste that would normally result from a mercury-induced reduction in GABA.

So, some people who become mercury toxic may experience an increase in their senses of smell and taste while others may experience a decrease.

Since mercury toxicity is so often associated with lost senses of smell and taste (via zinc depletion), seniors with dentures often suffer with these issues because dentures commonly contain red colorings made with cinnabar, which is the red ore of mercury. This mercury-based red coloring explains why many seniors experience dementia and hearing loss after denture placement or replacement. Many other products may contain this cinnabar-red mercury-based coloring, such as lipstick and tattoo inks.

Detecting Biologics

I once told a girl I was dating that she may get sick in the next day or two and may want to take some extra supplements. Despite my efforts to clarify my good intentions, she thought I was telling her that she had bad breath and became offended and left abruptly. The next day, I found an apologetic note under my car’s windshield wiper at work. She had become sick that evening and had realized the benevolent nature of my advice.

Well, it seems that everything has an odor, even molds, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Throughout my life, I have—on occasion—detected a peculiar odor on people’s breath just before they are about to get sick. This odor also produces a unique type of burning sensation in my sinuses that occurs at no other time except when I’m ill. I have concluded that this peculiar odor and burn is bacterial or viral or some combination of both, and that it must obviously be airborne.

If I spend some time with a person with this peculiar type of breath odor, I will begin to get a sore throat and general symptoms of illness, especially if we are sharing the same air for any amount of time, such as being in a car together.

In April, 2010, I experienced this type of odor-and-burn combination with chemtrails for the first time when the “Swamp Water” type chemtrail was introduced. This also happens to be the first chemtrail type that was sprayed at high altitudes.

Ever since the day it was first released, the Swamp Water type chemtrail has been in the air 24/7. Throughout 2012, in addition to being sprayed at high altitudes, this chemtrail type has also often been sprayed at low altitudes (from short, non-persistent chemtrails) at much higher intensities than normal. When this high-intensity spraying of the Swamp Water type chemtrail continues for more than a few days, people become sick all over town. It is a pattern that I’ve witnessed over and over again. With my sensitivity to these biologics, I can predict when some new “flu” will be “going around”.

The Swamp Water chemtrail type is often sprayed in combination with another chemtrail type that suppresses our immune systems. Of course, it’s well documented that barium, a substance widely evidenced to be in some chemtrail types, suppresses the immune system.

Several countries have a long history of “testing” biologics and chemicals on the population without their knowledge or consent. The United States even has a law making virtually any type of human testing legal, even if it causes permanent injury or death.

Besides suffering from these toxic spraying campaigns daily, I’m very concerned about the long-term affects it is having on all of us, and now that biologics are involved, the potential for damage is higher than ever.

It’s Not Easy or Fun

Having a heightened sense of smell and taste is not easy to live with.

For example, I love dogs but I could never own one because they have very odors that are very strong to me.

Another problem I experience is with those who wear perfume or cologne.

It may seem nice to them, but to me, eating food with these overpowering scents present is like trying to listen to a lecture at a rock concert.


Differences in Taste & Smell Sensitivity

I have found that people have widely varied senses of smell and taste.

For example, at the point that chemtrails are overwhelming my senses to the point of pain, Laura (my friend and business partner) becomes able to clearly taste them. At this same intensity, another friend could not smell or taste them at all.

In my continuing communication with people around the world about chemtrails, I have found that people’s senses of smell and taste vary greatly.

A few are more sensitive than I am while most are less-sensitive.

Don’t Be Deceived By What You Don’t Smell

The majority of people who read this article will not be able to smell or taste chemtrails. Please don’t be deceived by this. Clearly, chemtrails are being sprayed at an intensity that is just-below the ability for most people to detect. This is obviously intentional. They obviously want to spray with the highest intensity they can while being detected by as few people as possible.

In another great twist of fate, as more people become mercury toxic from chemtrails, more people are becoming able to smell and taste chemtrails as their GABA levels drop. I believe those spraying did not consider this consequence. If you smell or taste strange chemical, metallic, or sulfur odors in the air, please by aware that it’s not you. Even if chemtrails are not visible in the sky in your area, high-altitude spraying still continues to rain down heavy metals and toxins from altitudes too high to be seen from the ground. Furthermore, nano-particulates can be carried many miles from their original drop location.

My hope is that you won’t be deceived simply because you don’t taste or smell chemtrails. This insidious operation is global and no one is exempt from the short, medium, and long-term health effects that they induce.

Finally, I hope that people benefit from the fact that I have these sensitivities and have chosen to use them to help expose the largest crime against humanity in human history:

Chemical Aerosol spraying: “Chemtrails”.

Others Who Smell Chemtrails

I am not the only one who can smell or taste chemtails. Hundreds have contacted me who also smell and taste them. Below are a few examples.

Hi, I read your website bc there was a terrible smell that came from my roof everytime it rained. Then the smell went through the ground and into my well water. It is now become a bad gas that comes in my house through faucets and through the roof everytime it rains. It is so strong, makes my eyes burn, my skin itches, my mouth feel like I ate metal and it has a sharp bitter smell.

I dont know what it is, called water well people and they just took advantage of the situation to sell us equipment that did not do nothing. The smell is as strong as ever and it gets worse everyday. I cannot breathe in my house.

Please help me cope with this, I feel I need a mask sometimes,. I feel sorry for my dog. This is so incredible until I read your site and did hear small plains flying back and forth over the neighborhood, sometimes pretty high, but usually coincides with intensity of smell. I am thinking of calling a lawyer. But in the mean time i need help to cope with this. Thank you so much for all that information.


Last night smelled so strong like fingernail polish remover. Lungs clogged and brain bruning/swelling….this stuff is getting deadly. Sprayed heavy before the rain and now today the fog is saturated.


Sounds like they’re spraying acetone on you. I think I have smelled it once or twice before in Sydney, it’s extremely toxic to breathe as far as I understand. Wear any kind of mask that you can get a hold of. Try dry mask and wet mask, use whichever is most effective.


I was smelling [toluene] here in Maine! I asked my daughter if she smelled it.. it smelled like a helium balloon.. very faint but def there.


Lots of people here with the asthma/cough/lung thing too!


People everywhere are complaining of coughing.


I am, rather , experiencing asthmatic symptoms and skin allergies. Consistently.


People from a family that I know, who attended an outdoor event for most of the day yesterday were complaining about migranes and vomiting. Not everyone who was outside got it. I was personally outside for most of the day because it was beautiful and sunny. I was fine, except occasional sneezing, on going itchy eyes, but that’s about IT for me. We saw sprayers going overhead but nothing lingering that was visible. There are some who are sensitive to it and others who are not, and sadly some who ARE and just don’t realize it yet! We want to have geoengineering side effect complaints heard and respected and we want this program HALTED right now until our concerns are fairly heard! RISE UP!


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It has been raining for a few hours out now here in Santa Barbara CA, a slow constant solid rain, but the air still smells like burnt rubber!!! I hear the jets go over every night around midnite and early mornings, and wonder what is coming down wit the rain. Our air has smelled like burnt rubber almost constantly for the last couple of months, with a rare exceptional day here and there, usually with high winds blowing it away.


[It’s] hard to breathe.


I can smell and taste them every day. There is a war on us and Europe and Australia as well. How can people not notice? Their ignorance makes me mad.

—Lisa D.

Migraines and bloody noses in our household yet again today.


It’s scary that they (chemtrails) really exist and what they do to humanity and all the other creatures on this planet, BUT what really scared me is that I noticed that “METALLIC” smell in the air.


There are a dozen different smells to this stuff. Each with their own symptoms. I went through weeks of air so hard on my lungs to breath I could not take a walk down the block. Sharp little stabs in my lungs and totally out of breath. Gets better when the air clears. But now I am really ticked as my lungs have been left with some damage after force breathing the worst air to date for weeks straight during the heavy trailing.


I’ve smelled something that remind me of spoiled imitation crab meat.


A lot of times I smell sulfur when they spray.



I have chemical sensitivity and I too have been noticing chemical fumes in the air, especially the odorless, salty tasting one.


When I searched the internet for “fresh cut grass chemtrail”, I came across I found it most interesting in the section regarding this grass type, you mentioned the smell on Oct 6th, 8th & 11th. It seems it’s much more than a coincidence, that I have been smelling phosgene gas so often this week, also in October.


Hi Russ,

We are also extremely sensitive to the taste and smell of the chemtrails. We wanted to give you our take on what we have observed for the smells.

Since the summer of 2011 we have smelled sulfur in various ways. The most common smell of sulfur smells just like gasoline! It is like they are spraying a gasoline powder. The EPA wants to reduce sulfur in gasoline to reduce emissions……maybe they have a better use for it?

Sometimes it smells swampy like you have described. Less frequently it smells like matches but stronger.

Since they have been spraying sulfur, the air is actually oily and salty at the same time. Nothing gets truly clean and clothes have an oily feel and a swampy smell after running through the dryer.

The salts are irritating to the skin. The sulfur seems to be very corrosive effecting everything metal. It seems as if the sulfur acts as a carrier for other chemicals and helps it seep into everything that you wouldn’t think air could get into.

In the last month there is a new smell that smells like oil based paint or urethane. It leaves a powdery feeling on the skin and makes us extremely nauseas. It smells dangerous! It makes it very hard to breathe at night. There have been times at night we have almost panicked struggling for air to breathe.

Another smell that we have smelled on and off for a while but that is getting stronger when they use it, is a chemical smell that reminds us of the purple ink from the old mimeograph machines, but worse. It also smells like it would be very dangerous to health. This particular vapor quickly and easily penetrates a bandana mask like it wasn’t even there.

We have also smelled lately from time to time the metal or rust smell that you have described. Fortunately not too often or we wouldn’t ever go out of the house.

Something in the spraying at night sometimes causes our throat, sinuses and lungs to burn. We always sleep with the sheet over our face, but it is not enough on the worst nights.

Last winter they sprayed a lot of naphthalene making the air smell like mothballs. It made the cold feel colder and fingers feel really icy. If we feel like we are coming down with something we have a spoonful of Daniel Chapter One’s 7 herb formula. It is overpriced but works. Also we make sure we maintain a good level of thiamine (B1) for our heart and immune system.

It is so hard to believe that most people can’t smell, taste or feel these poisons because for us it is so apparent and strong! And yes, the spraying is by far worse than ever!


I just read your article on these types, which appeared at the top of google’s search list for simply “chemtrail headaches.”

I had the most ferocious headache the last two days after extreme chemtrailing where I live, and so have several other people I came across who were outside at least part of the day. If you stay inside with the windows closed, it doesn’t affect you so much.

After moving in 2005 to a steep hillside home in a canyon with a 180 view of the Pacific Ocean and city, I noticed my first ever chemtrails when jets flew over laying white lines which rapidly turned the sky a very sickly yellow green, forcing all the neighbors to go outside and comment aghast at what was happening. We all immediately phoned the authorities and our government officials. Of course none listened and all thought we were crazy. We have since tried out best to get action, to no avail.

The jets come at us flying south from Vandenburg AFB, west from Edwards AFB, and north from Port Hueneme AFB into Santa Barbara. I was sooooo glad to see you list one of the 8 types of chemtrails as “Burnt Rubber,” because this is what I have smelled all these years! I have been asking everybody if they also smell it — what seems like burning electrical wires or rubber. I remember so well visiting the Good Year plant in junior high school on a field trip and about fainting from the smell. It is the same. I remember some wires burning in a kitchen fire, same smell. I remember some plastic baby bottles burning when somebody forgot to turn off the fire under the pot where they were boiling to pasteurize them, same smell. And I remember what certain chemicals smelled like from highschool chem lab and college organic chem lab! Alas, nobody but me has been able to smell this smell except You!!!

I have always had extremely sensitive senses, and am like the Canary in the Coal Mine with all substances. Every once in awhile I have tried to pin down what chemicals in the trails are making the air smell like burnt rubber.

I finally pinned it down to Bromine which is added under a Japanese patent to jet fuels, commercial and military. I remembr that smell also from chem lab. There was a new smell today, a first here — the air around the entire neighborhood smelled like Dryer Sheets — those toxic things people put in their laundry dryers or fabric softeners — another smell I remember well from organic chem lab, Nobody around us was doing laundry, and because it was so very strong, you just know it was not from laundry, it had to also be from the heavy chemtrailing today again.

I have smelled all the ones you mention. I guess most people just aren’t aware or sensitive enough to focus on a smell, because I seem to be the only one who notices any and all of these. I didn’t think I was crazy, but it is wonderful to be validated by your article and another human being who smells these things.

Like an animal, upon smelling them my body goes into a fear mode. I have been taking Feverew daily for what a neurologist calls atypical migraines, but they began with a serious spinal injury. The feverfew has not worked to dispel these burnt rubber headaches nor the dryer sheets one today.

My neighbors are all professionals and a large percentage of us are totally into natural health, homeopathy, etc.

Anyway, I could go on, but I really, really enjoyed your article, very original, and wonderful to see your observations correlate with mine!

Very sincerely,


thank you very much for your SKYWATCH WORK, INFORMATION, all the time.
I admire your resistance.

I get in touch from Portugal to you.

Want to let you know, that the “last mentioned Plastic Solvent Chemtrail” –
must be sprayed here dayly since a few months – near to Mountains – Serra da Estrela )2000m high) – snow until July – which never happened before – night of 19th April
and night of 24th October I woke up with severeheadache, no breath – and – missing in your description – very much feeling sick !

In April I thought, I would dye. In October I knew it already, so I stayed anyhow in bed, trying not to move, not to vomit – and after a while I relaxed and continued sleeping.

TASTE (not smell):

what I feel, different from your discription:

I had – in spring – a SALTY TASTE on my lips
in summer I had sometimes a METAL TASTE (not on lips) but on teath – and palate
now (autum) I have an IRON TASTE in back of toungh.

This bad taste in my mouth is almost like “an open tough” – so mercury – or alluminium could be in the air.


The smell of PLASTIC SOLVENT – or BURNT RUBBER Chemtrail – I had only once here – and night after I had this 24th October severe headache and vomits.
I know from 2 other people in the same week, that they had exactely the same – one other “only” vomits.

In a region where they “smell a lot burnt rubber” – is one desease – is it possible that this horrible chemtrail can make reaction simular to rheumatism ??

I know one man – mid 50 years, who became almost disabled in last 6 months – and he is treated on rheumatism. may be we can help him ??

I thank you very much, if you can reply to this question.
Also I will take some of your informations, in courage, to go the the health center, to speak to my family doctor.

In Portugal NOBODY SPEAKS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS OFICIALLY JET. So in hospital – and in medicine generally – I will try to carry evidence to the professionels, so that they listen and watch, what is happening actually.

I thank you very much for your support. Off course I would public any of your informations for Portugal in below mentioned groups.

We are completely at the beginning with our national resistence, but we are there !!
People are always dealing better with health problems, when they know, it is not them, who is ill, but the system.

And then we are getting strong !!

Many greetings

Update 8/15/2014: Others Who Smell Illness

Being able to smell or taste particular viruses or bacteria is not rare or new. Sensitive people have been reported being able to detect types of illness by their odor for decades, even centuries.

Below are a few account of people who have posted their ability to smell or taste bacterial or viral illnesses in the air.

I recall when I was very young my grandmothers could walk into the very large bedroom my sisters and I shared and declare what sickness they smelled—measles, mumps, chickenpox and all that ! ! I always found it so remarkable how accurate they were and wanted them to teach me how to do that :o)

—Dalean, “Let’s Talk Health Cafe”, Yahoo Groups

I found this interesting and thought others here might as well. I know everyone knows what a sick room smell is like, even after someone has had the flu. For myself, anytime I’m about to get sick I get a smell and feeling in my nose/sinuses (only I can detect). I also get it sometimes after taking a midol for menstrual symptoms….why I’m not sure, but it’s that “sick smell”.

Anyway, I thought this might be an interesting topic to throw out there..

—Theresa, “Let’s Talk Health Cafe”, Yahoo Groups

In a 1989 letter to the British medical journal The Lancet, a woman in England said she sought medical attention because her dog had been sniffing persistently at a mole on her leg and whining; finally the dog took a nip at that area of her leg. Her doctor subsequently excised the mole, and it proved to be melanoma.

In 2004, the British Medical Journal published a study by Willis, Church, et al. that tested dogs’ ability to identify bladder cancer from urine samples. … Tests were double-blind …

A recent study published in the May 2006 issue of Integrative Cancer Therapies tested dogs’ ability to detect lung and breast cancer from breath samples. … The dogs detected lung cancer with overall accuracy of 99 percent when adjusted for the confounding factor of the patient being a smoker; for breast cancer, the dogs were 88 percent accurate.

—”The Scent of Sickness“, Minnesota Medicine

SINCE time immemorial—or at least as far back as Hippocrates—novice physicians have been taught to smell patients’ breath for signs of illness.

One of the first practitioners of the field of olfactory diagnosis, Carolyn Willis of Amersham Hospital in Britain, decided to contract the job out to dogs. They, she reckoned, have the necessary nasal apparatus to sniff out illness, and there was already some anecdotal evidence that they could, indeed, smell people with cancer.

Dr Buszewski is now tweaking his device so that it works with the biomarker profiles of a range of diseases. If he can do this successfully, olfactory diagnosis could become mainstream without a wagging tail in sight.

—”Smelling Bad“, The Economist

You may have an illness and not even know it—and the proof could be on your breath. That’s because our bodies give off complex aromas, some too faint for a human nose. And when sickness alters cell metabolism, an array of telltale volatile chemicals make their way into our breath, urine, and sweat. Now, research labs around the world are figuring out how to use gas sensors to detect disease. Here are a few ailments they’ve gotten a whiff of so far.

—”Researchers Nose Into the Smell of Sickness“, Wired

People who have worked in clinics that treat outbreaks of specific diseases have been able to characterize smells. Diptheria has a sweet odor, they say. Typhoid patients smell more like baking bread. One form of tuberculosis makes people smell a bit like beer. And young children who have a metabolic disorder that causes them to process a certain amino acid improperly smell so much like maple syrup (even their earwax) that it is called maple syrup disease.

—”These diseases can be diagnosed by smell” IO9

Top image credit: Dees Illustration

Title credit: Era of Wisdom, at this link

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