Our Hearts Create Their Own Bypasses When Facing Coronary Artery Disease


By Benedikt Just

For more than 60 years now, it has been proven that the established theory of heart attacks on which all current treatments are based is obsolete and needs a severe upgrade. Since the 1950s, the Italian pathologist Giorgio Baroldi studied the vessel system and circulation in the heart muscle, and discovered facts that clearly contradict conventional views. A complete blockage of a coronary artery is found in only about 50 percent of heart attacks.

According to the accepted view of heart attacks—the one that we all learned and which is still repeated over and over again—a heart attack is the result of a complete blockage of a vessel that supplies blood to the heart muscle.

Current treatment protocols—with surgeries, statins, and many drugs with lots of side effects—are based on this dogma, which only looks at the coronary arteries. Those rare professionals like Dr. Sroka who are willing to discuss their doubts about this theory are unfortunately ignored by the medical establishment.

As heart disease is still the cause for a majority of deaths, I think it makes sense to update our fatally obsolete knowledge about heart attacks. Here is a summary of the topic ‘Collaterals’ from Dr. Sroka’s free ebook ‘Heart Attacks 2.0 ~ Neglected Facts & Fatal Dogmas’ [1]. Reading it will take you around five minutes now, and might help to add many healthy years to your life in the future.

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Collaterals ~ Natural bypasses: Your heart’s own wonderful mechanism for taking care of blocked vessels.

Nature will always do whatever it takes to ensure the continuity of life. And as long as we are still mainly a product of nature (will we still be a product of nature if we eat GMOs all day long?), our body produces some incredible ‘magic’ to solve nearly every life-threatening problem.

Between 1952 and 2009, many renowned medical journals around the world published Baroldi’s studies on the human heart. But whenever his articles questioned the established coronary artery theory, his findings were silently ignored. Over the years, he became one of the most fundamental critics of the classical heart attack concept.

Nowadays, the whole world is conditioned to believe that coronary arteries are ‘end arteries’ (think of the branches of a tree), meaning that they are isolated from one another. So, obviously, the blood flow through a vessel that is severely blocked is severely reduced, and the more it is blocked, the less blood will pass through to the muscle ‘behind’ this vessel.

But guess what your wonderful and intelligent heart will do when there is a progressing narrowing of a vessel? It creates ‘collaterals’—its own natural bypasses.

This natural bypass system develops in reaction to the severity of the stenosis so that the supply of blood to your heart muscle is not endangered.

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Dr. Sroka explains:

“This [severe narrowing of a coronary artery] is known as ‘critical stenosis’, but in fact, this is not as critical as conventional medicine claims. Heart seizure and heart attacks are by no means an inevitable result. Why is this? The solution to the riddle is that the three coronary arteries are not isolated from one another; they are not ‘end arteries’ that are not connected with one another, but part of an extensive network of blood vessels that exist in all parts of the heart muscle. Furthermore, the body is capable of helping itself should there be a blockage of the blood flow or in the oxygen supply and it is able to extend this network in a substantial way.”[1]

Where is the proof?

Baroldi and his team were able to fill the vessel system of the heart of deceased people with a substance that hardened and stayed after they dissolved the heart tissue. The result of their meticulous work reveals the magic of our hearts: an endless number of fine vessels could be seen in the whole heart muscle, a system that makes sure there is always more than just one vessel delivering the precious blood.

And Baroldi’s models show that there are many connecting vessels—“anastomoses”—not just between the three large coronary arteries, but also between the branches of one and the same artery. These connections naturally exist from birth and continue to develop as we grow up.

And Dr. Sroka continues, “Every serious coronary artery stenosis possesses its natural ‘bypass’, or to be more exact its many natural bypasses. This gift of nature protects the heart muscle against restrictions in the blood supply. If one trusts this self-healing process, one should as a patient be freed from much of the fear experienced when told one has one or more severe coronary stenoses.”

You can watch these collaterals in action during this angiography while Dr. Sroka exactly explains what is happening [2]. It is truly stunning and very relaxing to see how perfectly our heart takes care of itself.

As you can see with your own eyes, the currently accepted theory that severe stenosis needs to be fixed with a bypass surgery must be greeted with skepticism and questioned, because these blockages do not diminish the blood supply to the heart muscle ‘behind’ the severe blockage.


Besides pointing out these fear-diminishing facts about our heart’s ingenious problem-solving mechanisms, Dr. Sroka is also one of the few doctors around the world who knows about the forgotten heart remedy known as ouabain and has used it for more than 30 years with his heart patients. It is the only known plant compound that can turn lactic acid, the main metabolic poison during a heart attack, into food for the heart muscle, while simultaneously balancing the nervous system to relax the overactivity of the heart.

So I suggest that as soon as you are ready for update No.2, Ouabain ~ This forgotten remedy can detox your heart and relax your nervous system [3], you take another five minutes and read about this gift of nature. By doing so, you can relax your mind and heart even more in regards to all the fear surrounding the topic of heart attack.

And I invite you to check out our next update next week: Our Magic Hearts ~ The real cause of heart attacks.

Further information and free resources:

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[1] Heart Attacks 2.0 ~ Ignored Facts & Fatal Dogmas, Free Ebook by Dr. Sroka

[2] Video by Dr. Sroka: Natural Bypasses aka Collateral vessels

[3] Free Ebook about ouabain, by Dr. Debusman & Dr. Kaegelmann

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An upcoming documentary about the secrets and magic of our hearts: www.dawnofhearts.com

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