Not So Hog Town: Top Five Vegan Restaurants In Toronto According To JustFly


A dazzling international city, Toronto, Ontario is famous within its own borders for being one of Canada’s top destinations for culinary greatness. Yes, Toronto, with its massive population of new Canadians and their delectable cuisines, does score well when it comes to standard restaurants, but how does it stack up when you take specific dietary requirements into account? To find out more about Toronto’s vegan and vegetarian scene I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency. They gave me their five favourite vegan and/or vegetarian joints in Toronto, Ontario.

Hogtown Vegan

First up according to JustFly’s review is Hogtown Vegan. A place perhaps for recent converts to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, Hogtown Vegan features vegan and veggie dishes like chicken and waffles, wings, and mac and cheese. Located on Bloor West, it’s location is prime for those hanging in the West end of Toronto, a particularly bumpin’ and trendy area.

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Loving Hut

A downtown staple for those looking for vegan and vegetarian options, Loving Hut kicks the high price label Toronto restaurants sometimes get, offering alternative options at better prices than you would ever expect for such a niche restaurant in Toronto’s high-price downtown core according to JustFly.


Probably the most expensive restaurant on the list, Grasslands specializes in high-end vegan and vegetarian dishes. In addition to offering vegan and vegetarian dishes, Grasslands also features other dishes that are gluten-free, nut-free, and wheat-free. In addition to meals, Grasslands also has wonderful desserts to top off your healthy meal according to JustFly.


Do you love Chinese food but have a hard time finding a middle ground between the cuisine and your dietary needs? Buddha’s is the place for you. Not only can you get your Chinese food fix, but you can also accomplish your goals of eating clean and healthy.


A Toronto establishment that has grown across the province of Ontario, Rawlicious has done a great job of expanding the reach of niche diets beyond the borders of large affluent cities. The food itself is great, but what makes Rawlicious extra awesome is that they offer cookbooks and recipes, allowing you to bring your newfound love of clean eating home to your kitchen.

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