Montreal Vegan: JustFly’s Top Three Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants In Le Belle Province


Montreal, Quebec is a city known for being an eaters dream. From the various types of cuisines, to award winning restaurants, Montreal can comfortably flex its foodie muscles and feel a sense of pride. But, what about those who don’t eat meat or dairy? While many cities can claim a varied and excellent selection of restaurants, not all of them can say they have a great selection of restaurants that cater to those with alternative diets. Montreal isn’t one of those cities, boasting a roster of well-known and delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants. To get the top three we spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency. Here are their picks for the top three vegan and/or vegetarian restaurants in Montreal.

Aux Vivre

Aux Vivres isn’t just a popular vegan restaurant in Montreal, it’s reputation is known across a Quebec and Ontario according to JustFly. Located in the trendy Plateau area of Montreal, Aux Vivres has the kind of vegan and vegetarian food that people of all diets can enjoy. While the food itself can be a little pricey, they do offer full vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If going out isn’t your thing, Aux Vivre also has a large selection of vegan options available in a grocery type setting, allowing you to stock up on food for home or for a trip according to JustFly’s review.

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With two locations, Crudessence offers their vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options in both the Plateau and downtown Montreal. Offering a variety of fusion dishes, spinning various cuisines with vegan and/or vegetarian dietary needs, Crudessence offers online ordering and catering, making it super easy to get your hands on their delicious food according to JustFly. Also, props for putting a focus on gluten-free options, something some vegan and vegetarian restaurants don’t put much emphasis on.

La Panthere Verte

Something for the person who wants to eat healthy on a tighter budget, La Panthere Verte is an excellent lunch spot for those on the run. Featuring two locations and a food truck that makes its way around the city, La Panthere Verte is all about sandwiches and quick eats. In addition to grabbing a quick meal, La Panthere Verte features a stacked menu of desserts that will soothe your sweet tooth and your dietary needs at the same time. While not as well-known as the previously listed joints, La Panthere Verte is JustFly’s pick for a quick vegan or vegetarian lunch.


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