Guy Who Lost 200 Pounds Pays it Forward With Virtual Running Buddy App


By Heather Callaghan

After years of weight and health struggles, a gentlemen who lost half of his body weight gifted the world with a genius health app.

In a world increasingly hectic and isolating, it can be so difficult to find a workout buddy. But a new app goes beyond just finding one…

Via Good News Network

Arya Farzin weighed nearly 400 pounds in college — so much that he was embarrassed to leave his room. Determined to get in shape, he hit the gym and lost 80 pounds in four months — and a total of 200 by the time he got in peak condition.

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He’s kept that weight off for eight years, becoming a professional trainer in the process, but remembers how difficult it was to hit the gym and track without the motivation of others.


Not only did Farzin keep the weight off for eight years, but he became a professional trainer too. He couldn’t help but notice how difficult it was for people to keep up the motivation to burn off weight – especially when by themselves.

Noting everyone’s schedules don’t match up in real life, he created the Heat Running App.

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Runners set the distance they want to run, and get connected to other runners across the world in real-time. After ten runners are paired – the run begins! There are choices to compare pace or run in an all-out competition.

Heat Running App can be used to find buddies, anytime, anywhere. Have you tried it? Sound off below and share!

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