Do Vaccine Resisters Have a New Hero With a PhD?


By Paul Fassa

According to one of those slimy, idiotic “science” sites that debunks all things natural and truly scientific, the “anti-vaccination cult has a new hero.” Yes we do – and her name is Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD.

She is a relatively young immunologist. Her name indicates Ukrainian origins, but she speaks fluent articulately precise English with a heavy Eastern European or Russian accent. She authored a book available on Kindle titled Vaccine Illusion and she has been interviewed by several vaccine resisters and activists as well as delivered lectures on natural immunity that are on youtube.

Dr. Obukhanya displayed heroism blatantly with her open letter to California legislators illustrating point by point why it’s foolish to deny children into schools until they’re fully vaccinated according to the CDC’s absurd vaccine schedule.

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By the way intruding vaccine shills and trolls who get this far – anti-vaccination means I don’t want them at all; but if you insist go ahead and get the jabs. Just don’t push them on the rest of us.

Quotes from Her Open Letter and Interviews

Dr. Obukhanych’s open letter begins her written attempts at questioning California legislators’ rationale with questions that demand her explanations of the realities that pro-vaxxers manage to avoid or brazenly decry.

Her first question is “Do unvaccinated children pose a higher threat to the public than the vaccinated?”

She explains why they don’t pose a threat with clarity and logic, concluding her explanation with, “People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted.”

After providing both biological and epidemiological reasons for each vaccine’s lack of efficacy, she concludes, “… a person who is not vaccinated with IPV [polio], DtaP [tetanus/diptheria], HepB [hepatitis B, and Hib [influenza b] vaccines due to reasons of conscience poses no extra danger to the public than a person who is. No discrimination is warranted.”

Another question in her letter is: “Can discrimination against families who oppose vaccines for reasons of conscience prevent future disease outbreaks of communicable viral diseases, such as measles?”

Remember how the rush to impose vaccinations on children by banning non-compliant children from attending schools was preceded by the CDC’s manufactured Disney measles outbreak?

Here are excerpts from Dr. Obukhanych’s open letter addressing that scenario:

Measles research scientists have for a long time been aware of the “measles paradox.” I quote from the article by Poland & Jacobson (1994) “Failure to Reach the Goal of Measles Elimination: Apparent Paradox of Measles Infections in Immunized Persons.” Arch Intern Med 154:1815-1820:

“The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.”[2]

“(…) Studies of measles outbreaks in Quebec, Canada, and China attest that outbreaks of measles still happen, even when vaccination compliance is in the highest bracket (95-97% or even 99%, see appendix for scientific studies, Items #6&7). This is because even in high vaccine responders, vaccine-induced antibodies wane over time. Vaccine immunity does not equal life-long immunity acquired after natural exposure.”

“It has been documented that vaccinated persons who develop breakthrough measles are contagious. In fact, two major measles outbreaks in 2011 (in Quebec, Canada, and in New York, NY) were re-imported by previously vaccinated individuals.[6] – [7]”

Dr. Obukhanych also clarifies the extent of vaccine injuries in North America in her letter. Evidently the legislators aren’t aware of such a thing as a serious life threatening or incapacitating event from vaccinations. And that’s actually the tip of the iceberg. Below the water line is a massive hunk of lowered immunity, autoimmune disease, and chronic allergies.

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Dr. Obukhanych concludes her letter with, ” … these four facts make it clear that discrimination in a public school setting against children who are not vaccinated for reasons of conscience is completely unwarranted as the vaccine status of conscientious objectors poses no undue public health risk.”

Here’s how Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych responded to interviewer Catherine Frompovich in an article posted on a couple of years ago, interviewer Frompovich is in italics:

TO – Now, shall I discuss “undesired” vaccination effects (a.k.a. vaccine injuries), or should we keep that can of worms closed for now?

CFI’d like to see what kind of worms are in that can, Doctor. Let’s go for it, please.

TO – The can of worms I am talking about are parents’ concerns with adverse effects they observe in their children after vaccination contrasted with “scientifically” sounding claims of the Establishment that parents are wrong and deluded by their suspicions, that true vaccine injuries are so rare that they are statistically improbable to happen to your particular child, and that your fear of vaccination is irrational and unfounded. Let’s come back to this topic a bit later.

CF – If you were a betting person, where would you place your wager: on vaccines or on natural immunity? Why?

TO – Betting on vaccines versus natural immunity to achieve what? Could you please specify the effect you are asking me about? If it’s about making the human race unfit for survival, then I bet on vaccines.

Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are well received by truth seekers. Visit his blog by following this linkand follow him on Twitter here


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