6 Common Misconceptions about Anti-Vaxxers


Op-ed by Paul A Philips

Going through the websites/forums/social media I’ve noticed that many in favour of vaccinations hold a number of undue common misconceptions about those in the anti-vaccination movement and what they stand for.

So in light of this here are 6 common misconceptions about anti-vaxxers.

[Editor’s note: “anti-vaxxers” is a smear term created by Bill Gates et al. and the “movement” is regarding keeping medical and parental rights]


1. …are characterized as misguided and misinformed

These accusations frequently serve as a warning; appealing for example, to anti-vaxxer parents to see ‘sense’ and have their children vaccinated. Or otherwise face the dire consequences coming to their unprotected unvaccinated children…

There are countless extremely healthy unvaccinated individuals, such as those children who were born into the naturopathic way. Mothers having given birth to these children believed that breast feeding was the soundest form of immunization. Then they raised their children on good wholesome food, dieting and exercise, allowing the body’s natural ability to provide immunity, making medical intervention unnecessary. It is indeed a sad fact that this means practically nothing to pro-Vaxxers.

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It means nothing to them that these children’s medical records/forms are blank when listing allergies, diseases, infections, rashes and fevers… That they grow into adults that hardly ever if not at all visit doctors; have very little or no sick days from work.

2. Don’t look at the ‘real science’

Having been characterized as misguided and misinformed, not looking at the ‘real science,’ anti-vaxxers are seen as mere ‘Google researchers’ who should leave the ‘proper research’ to the professionals:

Oh really?? In case someone hasn’t noticed, these days Google enables access to health professional journals such as American Academy of Pediatrics, PubMed, The Journal of the American Medical Association, British Medical Journal… and many others.

All of which provide some evidence for the case against vaccinations, or at other times have been accused of publishing pro-vaccination unscientific fabricated literature. Indeed, discernment is the key. Question everything including the actions of health professionals.

3. Don’t know that all the science is there supporting vaccines and vaccinations…

When it comes to protecting the health of you and your loved ones it’s crucial to understand that the vaccines manufacturers and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment have more interest in profits than genuine welfare concern.

This is why health professionals can never be trusted. This is why many health journals with their scientific research have been found to be biased, unscientific or even fabricated. This is why you need to do your own research. There are too many people blindly accepting the opinions of authorities and agreeing with the sheep-like masses not realizing that deceptive moneyed interests are at work.

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Spare me the statement that vaccines have been the harbinger of good health and that vaccinations are for the greater good. This is merely a claim made in an ad hoc manner.

The medical/pharmaceutical establishment’s command of history shows that there’s precious little evidence to indicate that vaccinations reduced incidence of disease.

The early history beginning with vaccination founder Edward Jenner in the late 18th century had a number of flaws followed by baseless questionable actions which are still being carried out today.

In short the science is far from all there.

4. …and should stop propagating misinformation

You see the pro-vaxxers on establishment sponsored mainstream TV dissing the quasi-religious ‘cult of anti-vaxxers,’ saying how this dangerous movement is trying to spread disinformation and put words in your head which could lead you into making bad health decisions…

The facts that vaccines contain toxic little nasty adjuvants (ingredients) like formaldehyde, carboxylic acids, mercury, aluminium, neurotoxins, carcinogens, dead foetal cells… etc and live attenuated viruses altering your DNA.., none of which have had any experimental proof of their efficacy is never mentioned. No experimental group (treatment) versus the control group (untreated) for each and all of these little nasties has ever been set up, making vaccinations unproven and unscientific.

Nor is it ever mentioned that these toxic little nasties are linked to chronic illnesses like cancer as with Gardasil HPV vaccines, then there’s autism, dementia and Parkinson’s disease: That billions have been given out in compensation to parents with vaccine damaged children.

Having to cope with their vaccine damaged children, what these parents have to say means nothing to the mainstream media.

Could greed and the want for more and more profits be the real reason why the medical/pharmaceutical establishment have pushed through increasing vaccinations over the years and have caused so much suffering? For example, as in the case of vaccine damaged children less than 6 years old with undeveloped immune systems unable to deal with the rising toxic assault in their small bodies?

Anti-vaxxers are not a cult. No, the medical/pharmaceutical establishment and their associates like those paid off politicians and high-priest scientific advisers in high places lying to you about vaccine safety are the real cult. They’re the dogmatic quasi-religious group bent on forcing their controlling agendas on you, using heavy-handed, devious and deceptive tactics to entrap as they talk about banning vaccination exemptions and making mandatory vaccines… infringing upon your basic human right to freedom of choice in health matters.

5. Are not intelligent…

Pro-vaxxers insinuate that anti-vaxxers are unintelligent uneducated folks who don’t read or are unable to put together a logical debate since they’re considered to be wrong in their stand against vaccines.

First of all those parents whose children went into immediate adverse acute reaction following vaccination don’t need to read the obvious of what’s happened. Take a look at the VAERS database, the Vaccine Victim Memorial or the Vaccine Freedom Wall. Children are vaccine injured on a daily basis or have even [died].

On the subject of reading, it’s quite simple: No matter how learned you are through educating yourself about vaccines, if you come up with any valid information that goes against vaccinations, the staunch supporter pro-vaxxers cult will ignore you.

6. Should accept the way of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment

Should [we] accept medical fascism? No way. The fact that someone has not been grooved into the establishment’s dogma allows them the opportunity to be outside-of-the-box, escape the dogmatic programming, think for themselves and realize that a deception is at work. That moneyed interest is the underlying ulterior motive and that there is an alternative effective natural health based approach…


Know who you are: Someone who above all has a basic human right to make educated health choices for you and your loved ones.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site NewParadigm.ws.

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