What You Absolutely Must Know about Food Labeling


Food labeling is a very important part of modern food safety efforts around the world. All citizens of the world have a right to know exactly what their food contains. With many modern scientific advances, we can know more than ever about what the food on our plates contains.

For example, food labels in some countries now state whether the food contains any genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are organisms where the genetic code has been changed in a way that does not occur in nature. GMO foods are developed because some believe that the product can be produced at a lower price, more nutrition, better durability or a combination of these factors.

You should know if your foods contain GMOs because they have not been proven absolutely safe. Why should you have food on your plate that contains unnatural organisms that have not been proven safe – without your knowledge?

GMOs in the US

Many do not realize it, but genetically modified crops are rampant in the US market, and food labels do not contain information about GMOs here. GMOs are found in at least 80% of all packaged foods in the US. The percentage of GMOs in various crops in the US are not known by the average consumer. GMO’s are also hidden in other food products.

This neat infographic from Reusethisbag.com offers a great insight into what we’re up against as consumers.

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Food Labeling What You Should Know

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