New Documentary By Dr. Wakefield Shakes CDC To Its Core


By Jefferey Jaxen

“What was done in the dark shall be brought to the light.” –Johnny Cash

As the US has its eyes on the Flint water crisis, another criminal act of neglect and research fraud with epic proportions waits patiently in the wings. It has been two years now since senior scientist Dr. William Thompson of the US Centers of Disease Control made a his public statement of research fraud and crimes within the vaccine division of the agency. It took just over a month for hearings and resignations over them massive human damage that resulted from lack of oversight, regulatory agency apathy and fraud displayed during the Flint water crisis. However, in the two years since Dr. Thompson’s damning admissions, not a peep from mainstream media and not a finger lifted to convene oversight committee or take congressional testimony from the CDC whistle blower.

History may show that the window to take Dr. Thompson’s allegations seriously — as well as launch an official investigation — came and went. In the two years since, a massive wave of distrust and unfixable damage has occurred to the integrity of the CDC as well as the entire vaccine industry. Set in motion decades ago, this focused movement demanding medical choice and informed consent has rooted itself into the conscious thought of the American people. In fact, the groundswell of activism and independent journalism has uprooted and exposed deeply embedded conflicts of interest gate keeping medical journals in favor of pharmaceutical interests. A wave of doctors and researchers have done their own studies on vaccine safety and are demonstrating findings that run contrary to the CDC. Senate houses, emails and phone lines instantly jam full with activated citizens defending their right to medical choice and informed consent in any state deciding to float the idea of mandatory vaccination. In California, who is set to fully implement Senate Bill 277 requiring mandatory vaccination for all school children, the state is experiencing a rapid and growing expatriation movement of people who refuse to submit to such laws.

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So where are we now? Dr. Andrew Wakefield is set to release a documentary of historic proportions putting the final coffin nail into the CDC’s troubled vaccine division. For those that take the time to understand his entire story against the backdrop of the increasing medical research fraud surrounding vaccines, Dr. Wakefield is a modern-day hero. It is fitting that he be the one to produce, release and narrate the documentary Vaxxed. Dr. Wakefield’s name and career were consciously destroyed for scientifically verifying inconvenient truths that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and bowel disease, present in many children with autism

His new documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will now expose those same powers gate keeping science and medicine in what he calls the century’s largest medical crime and fraud.

Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere
Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 2:00pm
SVA Theater (SVA)
School of Visual Arts
333 West 23rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011


This article first appeared at Jefferey Jaxen is an independent journalist, writer, and researcher. Focusing on personal empowerment and alternative health, his work reveals a sharp eye to capture the moment in these rapidly changing times. Check out his YouTube. Like on Facebook and Tweet to Jefferey.

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