How Actor John Goodman Lost Hundreds of Pounds

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By Heather Callaghan

Did you see this recent picture of actor John Goodman on the right?

He is no longer known as a jolly “fat guy” remembered for his hardworking, beer-guzzling Dan role on Roseanne. Or even for his unhinged and exitable character, trading banter with The Dude in The Big Lebowski.

Think of every role – especially his many roles in movies directed by the Cohen brothers. He’s a big guy – or least he was, even in the mid 2000s. During his biggest weight struggle, the beloved actor nearly breached the 400 lb mark, prompting some to worry if he would go the way of John Candy who faced an early death by a presumed heart attack, exactly 22 years ago.

In 2007, Goodman got sober and no longer drinks alcohol. This began an upward and constant health triumph, picking up again in 2010 when he started paying attention to diet and began shedding many pounds.

This picture of the 63-year-old actor was taken at Los Angeles International Airport on Leap Day, 2016:

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Cathy Gibson / Splash News

Not only did Goodman cut out alcohol, but he removed sugar and started working out with health coach Mackie Shilstone. By 2010, he was a hundred pounds slimmer. He had said he was breaking a sweat, but not going “nuts.” Shilstone emphasized that it was an “ongoing process” (not an overnight Hollywood fad attempt).

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He didn’t stop there. Goodman is currently practicing the Mediterranean Diet. He drew attention at the premiere of his new role in Trumbo when he emerged for the showing, revealing his new, slim body build.

Goodman said his “Mediterranean-style eating plan” zeroed in on fish, olive oil, fruit and veggies.

Maybe it should be called the happiness-eating plan for what it has done for Goodman’s life and health.

Photo credit: eugene via / CC BY-NC-SA

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