Five Green and Eco-Friendly Clothing Lines For Kids Worth Your Attention


Nobody wants their kids to be wearing something synthetic and made from materials which might harm not only your baby’s sensitive skin but also the environment as well! So, it is very important to talk and to sort of those fashion brands which can offer needy and eco-caution parents what they are looking for – organic materials, good looks, and comfort so important for happy kid’s life. In this case, today we are introducing to you five truly organic, green and indeed eco-friendly clothing companies which make the best clothing for you babies. Have fun!

Green Babies

The name of this clothing brand indeed speak a lot, and it doesn’t need further explanation –  Green Babies specialized in clothing proper for all newborns and kids of various ages: from preschoolers to school age kids. The company has successfully been in industry for more than 20 years now, so their 100 percent organic cotton clothing will not only help you stay in touch with nature, help to avoid various allergies and skin irritations, but also celebrate kids’ personalities as well. Green Babies clothing is super stylish, colorful and kids will love them for sure!

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Piggy Pajamas

For eco-friendly night apparel, undoubtedly, choose Piggy Pajamas store. Again, 100 percent organic cotton clothing and even beddings will help your little bundle of joy sleep safe and sound, without absorbing various toxins and chemicals from the environment during the night. The fun and my favorite part here is that Piggy Pajamas also makes and sells various sets for adults too. Therefore, the whole family can enjoy comfortability and practicality of this fantastic eco-friendly brand!

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place might not be a number one eco-friendly clothing brand, but it surely has something good to offer for all environmentally caution families with small kids. Their easy to wear and super cute clothing for children of all ages will be a real dream come true for all fashionable moms as well. The best part of this brand is, in my opinion, the fact that The Children’s Place offers tons of various discount and promotions and these The Children’s Place coupons works amazingly well to reduce pricing as well. So shopping at this clothing brand won’t harm anybody — nor your wallet nor nature!

Soul Flower

Another eco-friendly brand I would like to talk about today is the Soul Flower. Ideal for both newborns and toddlers, Soul Flower productions are made only from 100 organic wool and low-impact dye. However, this brand is not specializing only in baby clothing, because on their website, you can find a ton of super stylish, kind of hippy and boho styled clothing for active mommies as well. So, if you are that type of girl and cherish nature more than anything – Soul Flower clothing brand can be your next favorite!

Urban Baby Co

The final clothing brand I would like to talk today is the Urban Baby Co. This clothing line is clearly one of the most stylish, since even the smallest piece of clothing looks like million bucks and has a vigorous and fun message. The best part is, of course, that all clothing is eco-friendly, organic and won’t irritate your kid’s skin in any way. So, this brand is surely an astonishing sum of fashion, eco-friendliness and comfort both parents and kids will love.

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