Add This Lime Elixir to Your Weight Loss Program


By Melinda Cafferty

Statistics show that about one-third of the United States is obese. Some people think that might be due to changes in guidelines about what is considered an unhealthy body weight.

But, a recent study showed that it is much harder for millennials to lose weight than their parental counterparts in the 1980s. Is that because of environmental toxins? Regardless, the weight loss and dieting industry continues to grow by the billions. Let’s stop helping them, right from the kitchen.

Instead of drinking sodas or plain water all day – how about a refreshing elixir fully of citrusy goodness and the potential to melt weight?

This drink lasts for two days, drinking one fourth of it morning and one fourth at night.

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What you need:

  • 1 organic lime, juiced
  • 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey or maple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons organic cinnamon
  • 16 oz of pure water


  • Start boiling the water
  • Mix sweetener, cinnamon and lime in a large glass mixing bowl
  • Pour the heated water into the bowl and whisk until stirred well
  • Chill in fridge – could add cold solution to sparkling mineral water

How it works

Citrus has been found to lower insulin spikes and contains vitamin C which can affect metabolism and oxidation of fat. It might be the vitamin C that is actually the catalyst for a weight loss plan. Citrus in water helps people hydrate more which is also a big catalyst for weight loss. Citrus contains significant electrolytes for hydration – perhaps that is why it helps people with exercise endurance. If using a juicer, you might consider using the peel too, because it’s the polyphenols in lemon peels that were proven to aid obesity problems in one study. Trading processed condiments and drinks for citrus is a great way to cut the junk.

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Cinnamon has proven effects at lowering blood sugar and may be useful in preventing insulin resistance which is a large contributor to weight gain.

Some research shows the combination of lime and honey to be useful in weight loss – but some people have a low tolerance of the sugars found in honey. Maple is an alternative and vegan sweetener that was recently found to contain an anti-inflammatory component.

By themselves, citrus in water isn’t heavily supported by research to “burn fat” – but as you can see, its the incorporation of a boosting drink like the above that help you in a weight reduction journey.

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