Microsoft Tallied Iowa Votes, FB Sponsored Presidential Debate: A Look at Technocracy


By Cassius Methyl

Guess who’s app tallied the votes at the Iowa Caucus? Microsoft’s app.

The failure of this tallying process could have been a critical factor in the need for 6 coin tosses, which of course decided Hilary Clinton’s victory. The statistical odds of Clinton winning all 6 coin tosses was 1 in 64:  1.6 % chance of winning.

microsoft tally

What corporate entity actually “sponsored” some of the presidential debates? Facebook.

What new addition to the technocratic elite could be found at the 2015 United Nations General Assembly?

Mark Zuckerberg.



The purpose of this article is not to allude to some intangible theory, but to ask this: what will be the end-result of betting all of our social media chips on Facebook?

What will be the end result of flooding one social media website with so many of our dollars, or one company for it’s Windows operating system? We are building entire economies, economic structures with Facebook and Microsoft as foundations: it is too much consolidated power.

The amount of power us consumers are giving to corporations such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, is dangerous. This is an “off-balanced societal equation” (OBSE). It’s an unstoppable equation.

You could say there is no time in history where so much power was consolidated without it going bad. That’s one of the grand lessons a person would learn from studying history: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The stagnant atmosphere Facebook sometimes exudes represents this paradox we have: Facebook/Twitter have a near monopoly on social media and Microsoft/Apple have a near monopoly on computer operating systems.

The consequences of consolidated power are seen in Windows 10 being forcefully installed on our computers soon.

The consequences of consolidated power are our Facebook pages, the lifeblood of independent business in this 2010’s decade, being algorithmically smothered and inhibited for whatever reason: certain pages reaching fewer and fewer people as their number of likes and followers rise.

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How can we possibly slow down this equation? We love our social media, we love our computers, it’s simply easier to use these things provided by giant corporations like Facebook or Microsoft, rather than painstakingly put effort into alternatives that may not be immediately as efficient.

When the US government starts working with Facebook, when Mark Zuckerberg is attending UN General Assemblies and convincing people to support the Caste System in India, things are just getting weird.

Things are most definitely getting weird. Stay sharp, and one day we’ll pave a way for better alternatives.

Only proliferating a culture of actively seeking out alternatives will make this equation be more balanced.

Only a diligent, grassroots culture of choosing alternate social media websites or computer operating systems can consolidate power back into the hands of people, and away from the new oligarchs Facebook and Microsoft.

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