How To Heal and Comfort a Baby


By Soren Dreier

Recently, I was approached by a couple who just had their third child.

The baby was in agony and they couldn’t find a reason. The 3-month old baby couldn’t seem to rest. Was it the milk? Was it pain? What was it?

In my experience, some babies are having a hard time adjusting from either the birth itself or simply being in body. It is more or less known from regression therapy, that some people can be regressed so much that they can tell about their own birth, often with details you have to be awake to comprehend which later is confirmed by their parents. It is a phenomenon which is well known also outside the mystics of it and widely accounted for among psychotherapists. So there is obviously more going on in the consciousness of an infant that we are aware of.

Many parents play music for their baby while the baby is still in the womb. Mozart is widely recognized as very good ‘in the womb’ music. Others use Vangelis or Mike Oldfield. As long as the music is friendly and symmetrical, I think that is a very good idea and it can be used after birth for getting the baby to sleep or it can be used to settle an upset baby.

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The difficult thing about babies is that they of course have no oral language so they can’t say what’s wrong. The body language and the facial expressions can also be hard to decipher, since there are only two expressions to ‘read’ for the first few months and those are, pleasure or pain.

There is a very efficient method though and that is: Talking to the baby when it sleeps.

I came across this method in the early Nineties, and I later found out that this method was similar to the methods used by the indigenous people of the Arctic and of South America.

In Paris, there was a lady named Caroline who worked at a ward where they would bring abandoned babies in from the streets of Paris. Babies who were found in garbage bins, in parks and in the subway.

Caroline and her team had developed a method to heal these babies, who needless to say, were in a very bad situation as for their physical and psychological well-being.

Caroline told the story of a baby which they presumed to be half white and half black. This baby had a severe skin problem which didn’t have a medical name. The skin just peeled off. The baby had great difficulty in just relaxing, even when awake, and had basically no uninterrupted sleep.  This is a vicious circle when it comes to babies, as they require a lot of sleep, rest and need to enter ‘the healing darkness’ so well known from the womb.

How to heal such a condition?

Talk to the baby when it finally sleeps:

‘I can see that you are hurting. I am very, very sorry about that. I need to tell you that you are loved, by me and by your mother. You were not abandoned because of the color of your skin. You where not abandoned because your mother didn’t love you. She couldn’t take care of you and left you so that you could come here. You are in a place where you are loved. You can trust that. You can trust that. I will do everything that is within my powers to find a mother for you, who will love you and protect you and take care of you. I love you and I think you are very beautiful and I would like you to trust me and I would like you to sleep and I would like you to understand that the thing with your skin is not necessary anymore. You are a beautiful baby. You can trust that.’

The baby in Paris started recovering ´miraculously’ after a few days and within a month the skin condition healed and the baby slept the hours that she needed.

After 20 years, I don’t exactly remember what Caroline and her crew said, so this would be what I would say, and have said in similar situations, whether it be the unsettlement of birth or physical issues like Colic and bodily pains.

I later watched Caroline on a TV show where she was asked: Does a baby know any language. She answered: It is my understanding that yes, babies know 5 – 6 major languages. The interviewer asked, ‘How come?’ And Caroline said: Others are researching that.

I guess Caroline wouldn’t pull the reincarnation card, since it maybe ‘was a bit out there’ and a mystical concept in a medical world of statistic and solid research.

I don’t think that reincarnation, although it plays a role, is the only explanation to this.

I´m very much inclined to say without further ado, that babies just understand.

What is a baby if not unconditioned consciousness and hereby limitless in its perception? We know from children’s psychology that babies are masters of reading facial expressions, moods, and body language. They have the reminiscences of the cosmos still and in a way the main part of their consciousness still is very much synced with the celestial realm from which they come. The consciousness settles in the rhythm of ‘9’. 9 months in the womb. 9 days to physically perceive more and more. A 9-week old baby changes in their eyes from looking detached to very focused. 9 months old and they certainly have developed a steady personality and are out of the psychological womb ready to take on the world.

If you are in a situation where you have given birth and there are some difficulties as said with sleeping, it can take a toll on the parents. I was recently in touch with a mother, who hadn’t had 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep for herself in 5 months.

I coached her into the baby talk, which is very similar to the one I mentioned, just customized for this situation and with the add-on of: ‘In order to take care of you and play with you – I really need my sleep. I would so love if you would help me with that. You are here with us now and we love you and you have nothing to fear. We will do everything in our power to protect you.’

After 3 days, the baby settled and had hours of uninterrupted sleep. So did the parents.

The talk has to be calm. The talk has to be without emotional outburst. The talk needs to target what is ‘wrong’ and often what is wrong is on a mystical level, as coming into flesh is perceived as unpleasant and very far from an existence in the spirit world of the Celestial.

If the baby is breastfed, it often is the mother’s burden and that will wear her down. The father, who really wants to help, has very little tools to operate with no matter how involved he is. This can create a friction between the parents and a baby will pick up on those ‘bad’ vibes. They are not bad parents – its human behavior, no matter how conscious the parents are.

Talk to the baby: ‘We are very sorry that it seems like we are annoyed at each other. We do not sleep that much, that is why. We love you and will keep you safe…. ‘ And along that line as mentioned in the above example.

Do not blame anybody! Do not say; I’m so tired and your Daddy is really of no help…. You are not talking to a therapist or a girlfriend. Heal with words and drop the blame game. If not, you are programming the baby, in this example, to dislike its dad.

You can use your hands also. Put your right hand very gently on the baby’s tummy or caress it gently while you talk.

Do the baby talk a couple of times a day.

Have peace in your heart when you do it. Keep a calm voice and only do it when you feel settled. If not, you will only radiate further unsettledness and risk making things worse.

I practiced this for years on healing babies and it is very efficient. I have worked with parents and introduced this, and the results speaks for themselves. The method is very safe.

This method can also be used with toddlers. When they start in daycare, they often get the fear of being abandoned. Explain it to them before they start and during the first weeks until the child is familiar with the situation. Before kindergarten the same.

Talk to the babies, even if you feel silly and a target for laughter.

Some people actually still think its healthy for the baby to cry its lungs out. Some even believe, and I am very sorry to say that this also is a strong belief among ‘professionals’, that such a pristine being as a baby really benefits from crying their lungs out, because it will toughen them up and is overall very good for their lungs. Nonsense.

A baby has no need ‘to cowboy up’, since it can’t.

A baby has every need for loving care just as we do, when we feel sad, abandoned, lonely, sick, hurting and afraid.

Sometimes we need to cowboy up and take on the responsibility of creating the best environment for ourselves and our loved ones, without getting over protective and over concerned.

This article was featured on Natural Blaze with express permission from the author, all author rights reserved.

Soren Dreier is a mystic well know over the world for his extra sensoric abilities. 

Soren authors and compiles the hugely popular ‘‘ website and has 20 years experience of readings, healing and spiritual guidance.

Soren has appeared in numerous radio and TV Shows and has traveled the world as a spiritual teacher on seminars and inspirational talks, stunning audiences with his on stage readings and spiritual insight. Soren is currently engaged in personal Build-Up empowering seminars, healing and ‘Heart People’ seminars. Soren lives in Andalusia Spain.

Soren has studied ‘the mystical field’ in Greece among its mystics and has undergone 30 years of spiritual training and insight.

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