Breakthrough Discovery Shows That Resonant Frequencies Can Kill Cancer Cells

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By Anna Hunt

An important breakthrough may prevent people from suffering from cancer or the aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments used to kill cancer cells.

Anthony Holland, an Associate Professor and Director of Music Technology at Skidmore College in New York, U.S., and his fellow researchers discovered that, by creating custom digital electronic signals, they can destroy cancer cells and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA). In their laboratory experiments, the team used Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to induce sympathetic resonant vibrations which in a short amount of time shattered targeted cells from pancreatic cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, and the dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacterium MSRA. Below is an image showing the effect that the resonant frequencies had on leukemia cells.

Just as various sound frequencies can shatter different types of crystal and glass,shattering microscopic organisms is possible because they have many similar properties of liquid crystals.

Holland created a device that uses pulsating plasma lights to emit the right frequency electronic signals to induce sympathetic resonant vibration in targeted microorganisms. Holland’s research showed that not only can one change the vibration of a biological living microorganism with an electronic signal, but also that different frequencies of this electronic signal can be used to target different types of microorganisms.

Below is a TED talk by Anthony Holland during which he reveals his discoveries. Starting midway through his talk, Holland shows stunning videos of how various cancer cells react to eleventh harmonic frequency combinations. It took the researchers over 15 months of trying hundreds of frequency combinations to find the ones with the potential to kill cancer cells. Holland’s goal is to create a treatment that can be used to shatter cancer cells and heal cancer patients painlessly and without toxic methods.

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  • JayTe

    Ms. Hunt, You might not be aware but this type of technology has been around for thousand of years as the Egyptians used sound frequencies to heal people of illnesses and more recently back in the 1920s Royal Raymond Rife developed a device which does the same thing by focusing on what he called the Mortal Oscillatory Rate. As well there was Georges Lakhovsky and Antoine Poire who did something similar by focusing on frequencies which boosted healthy cells energy and allowed for the immune system to be sufficiently strong to eliminate the cancer cells through normal killer T-cells. I’m happy though that someone else has help to reaffirm this technique to the mainstream.

  • gozounlimited

    On the other hand we have HAARP frequencies that cause disease….. guess it’s all about the frequency.

  • walcon

    After listening to some horrible acid rock music, I knew it could destroy brain cells, but this- this is even better!

  • abinico

    This is so stupid as to almost deserve no comment. But, I’ll say this, you don’t have cancer because your body isn’t making enough royal rife frequencies.

  • kctruth

    Great, so we’ve pissed away 60 years of effective cancer treatment for the financial interests of the Big Cancer industry. Those who discredited the Rife Machine may be responsible for millions of deaths and mountains of suffering.

  • Sparky McBiff

    Your comment makes absolutely no sense.
    Because Rife proved back in the 30s that certain harmonic frequencies will kill certain organisms that in NO WAY can be translated to mean that you get disease because your body doesn’t “generate Rife frequencies”.
    Is that what passes a logic for you?
    You claim that the article is “so stupid” and then you go on to make a profoundly stupid comment of your own.

  • Michael Green

    “Royal Raymond Rife” invented this cancer shattering frequency tech and was destroyed for it by the illuminate Mafia ..nothing new here . this guy copies Rife’s invention he is B.S

  • Rosa Margarita

    Wow, this is so interesting!

  • Beverley Vasquez

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