Top Medical Tourism Locations: FlightHub’s Three Picks


Many countries across the world are benefiting from the explosive growth of medical tourism. FlightHub, a North American online travel agency, is well aware of this as a provider of low cost flights globally. FlightHub reviews the top destinations annually as part of their annual review. While medical tourism is still in its infancy, FlightHub has seen a growing number of people flying abroad for medical procedures. I asked them which countries are benefiting from this the most and they provided me with their top three medical tourism destinations.


First on FlightHub’s list is Mexico. As a country loaded with many US, Canadian, and European trained doctors, Mexico has first world care at reduced prices. How much lower are prices? Estimates vary from 50 per cent to 75 percent less. The most common procedures undertaken in Mexico are dental and cosmetic surgeries. In addition to lower costs, medical tourists are treated to beautiful beaches and beautiful surroundings that aid their recovery and top notch medical facilities for followups.

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Costa Rica

Next on FlightHub’s list is a country that ranks higher than the United States on the World Health Organizations health care quality list, Costa Rica. In addition to this ranking from the World Health Organization, Costa Rica ranks first in human health and well being worldwide. So, why Costa Rica otherwise? Costa Rica features first class medical facilities and top of the line medical accommodations. Like Mexico, this country is a haven for those seeking huge savings on dental and cosmetic surgeries. Approximately 90,000 people travel here yearly to have access to these low cost operations, with 90 per cent of these tourists being American. Once again, medical tourists have access to beautiful surroundings as part of their post-operative rehabilitation, making recovery pleasant and peaceful.


Next is a country that got into the medical tourism sector early. India has been promoting medical tourism for over 15 years, and the numbers show people have been flocking there to receive high quality medical care. Estimates suggest nearly 450,000 people travel to India yearly to receive some kind of medical care. While many countries focus on dental and cosmetic surgeries, India instead is best known for its world class cardiac and orthopaedic care. India isn’t just providing care, but pushing it forward as India features hundreds of medical schools loaded with high tech equipment and brilliant doctors researching new cures and treatments for disease. Another big draw, it is a requirement in India that all doctors be fluent in English, removing any language barrier issues you may be concerned about when receiving medical care abroad.

People travel for medical care for a variety of reasons. These include cost, rising standards of care abroad, and the opportunity to receive medical care in some of the most beautiful and peaceful locations. While these locations are listed as the highest travelled, other countries offering high quality medical tourism include Turkey, Thailand, and Taiwan.

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