This is hands-down the greatest drug commercial ever created



If you watch a lot of network TV or cable news shows, chances are you’ve also seen an awful lot of drug commercials. With more and more people taking responsibility for their own health and going the natural route, drug companies are feeling the pressure, and stepping up the advertising.

Believe it or not there are only two major countries that allow direct-to-consumer advertisements for prescription drugs — America and New Zealand. It’s been estimated that drug companies spent a whopping $4.5 billion on such ads in the last two years, at an increase of 30 percent.

It’s gotten so bad that even the American Medical Association called for a ban on direct-to-consumer drug advertising in fall 2015, hoping to prevent the unnecessary use of expensive prescription drugs.

Perhaps the only silver living to the current state of Drug Commercials-Gone-Wild is the way they provide a never-ending source of material for comedians (and lawsuits for local attorneys, I suppose).

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‘NatureRx’ Video Mocks Prescription Drug Commercials

“Hi, are you feeling tired, irritable or stressed out? If so, you might consider…Nature.”

That’s the concept of a hilarious parody video of prescription drug commercials that actually encourages people to get outside and go for a walk instead of popping a pill.

It’s part of an award-winning comedy series by a group called Nature Rx.

Scientifically Proven Method to Reverse Diabetes (Ad)

You can watch the first part of this series in the video below, and don’t forget to share with your friends who may need their own prescription-strength dose of NatureRx:

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