Eating from Your Core Values and Why Diets Fail

Eating from Core Values

By Heather Callaghan

Oprah Show alum Dr. Steven Stosny is an expert on the deepest root causes of anxiety, overeating, anger and abusive relationships. Curiously, he flies in the face of about a hundred years of entrenched and often misguided psychology to bring to light hard-hitting truths behind our real motivations.

In this presentation, Stosny deflates why goal-setting, diets, restriction and conscious talk therapy don’t help someone with overeating and weight loss. The real way to mindful eating is as simple as tapping into and honoring your core values which make up who you are.

He writes:

A major flaw of eating control programs is that they rely on conscious ways to manage habitual and impulsive behaviors that are relentlessly driven by unconscious motivations. They want you to think before you eat. If it were only that easy! The problem is you are almost always motivated to eat long before you think. No weight control program can succeed by dominating your consciousness with food and weight. This actually increases the unconscious impulse to eat.

Visit Dr. Stosny’s website, Compassion Power, for his interesting articles on anxiety and for his relationship webinars. 

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