Big Pharma Shaking in Their Boots as 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills for Pot


A new survey conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

However, the tide has turned as decriminalization of medical and recreational cannabis sweeps the nation and the continent. With legalization, more and more people are discovering how this plant can provide a safe alternative to the dangerous effects of prescription pills.

The survey of 473 adult therapeutic cannabis users found that 87% of respondents gave up prescription medications, alcohol, or other drugs in favor of cannabis. Adults under 40 were likely to give up all three of these for medical cannabis.

The most startling revelation, and one that will have Big Pharma running to their crony lawmakers, is that 80% of respondents reported substituting cannabis for prescription drugs.

In addition, 52% said they substituted cannabis for alcohol and 32% said they substituted it for illicit substances. These results indicate a very promising trend of people moving away from dangerously addictive and deadly substances in favor of a miracle plant that has never caused an overdose death.

The finding that cannabis was substituted for all three classes of substances suggests that the medical use of cannabis may play a harm reduction role in the context of use of these substances, and may have implications for abstinence-based substance use treatment approaches. Further research should seek to differentiate between biomedical substitution for prescription pharmaceuticals and psychoactive drug substitution, and to elucidate the mechanisms behind both.

As The Free Thought Project has reported before, the U.S. is in the midst of a painkiller epidemic, with overdose deaths skyrocketing as Big Pharma has secured its grip on government and mainstream medicine. Opioid painkillers and heroin have driven overdose deaths to the point where they are now the leading cause of fatal injuries in the U.S. Alcohol is also killing Americans at a rate not seen in 35 years.

The results of this survey confirm that cannabis is the answer to all of these problems.

Americans for Safe Access has a comprehensive breakdown of conditions that cannabis can treat, and comparisons to prescription pills.

We are just beginning to confirm the benefits of cannabis on other conditions such as anxiety which is normally treated with pills such as Xanax, insomnia which is normally treated with pills such as Ambien, and antidepressants which are treated with pills such as Zoloft. All of these prescription drugs can cause debilitating addiction or severe side-effects.

Although the war on drugs put a stop to medical cannabis research for decades, in recent years we have seen a surge in studies being performed, as prohibition crumbles and the Schedule 1 classification of “no medical benefit” is exposed as a farce.

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  • Occams

    I have a friend who lost 25′ of large intestine, and was STILL given 6 months. He went on a guaybana (soursop) liquid diet, and is now 100% cancer-free.

    I have 2 friends with cancer, and both are now on ‘baking soda, blackstrap molasses, and water’, daily.

    One 16 year old’s mom was going broke on the med-costs, AND WORKING 3 JOBS (this is ‘typical health care’ in Amerika, today).

    Her son was dying. On the above mix, he is now going off Big Pharma meds, and is back at school, but still using oxygen, but a HUGE improvement.

    The other is a guy with testicular, and the female hormones are turning him into a chick, and HE IS INFURIATED.

    With the above daily use, he is dropping off his meds, and his cancer is reducing and going into remission.

    Big Pharma HAS NO INTENTION OF CURING YOU, but simply prolonging your use of their incredibly profitable…..drugs.

  • Occams

    Says it all….

  • Tark McCoy

    Once I transitioned to medical marijuana I had no problem leaving Wellbutrin in the trash.

    Come for the high, stay for the healing.

  • Metis

    Definitely helps with sleep – throw your sleeping pills away.

  • Hp B

    A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Pravda01

    It is a believe system. I have to eat that, but it causes heart burn and than I take a pill, because I ate something which caused heart burn.

    Some people just don’t get high on pot.

  • Pravda01

    Just check out what pharma products are allowed in the US and not allowed in Europe! Over 1000!!!

  • Glenn Festog

    “Some people just don’t get high on pot.”

    True. I had a friend back in Memphis who got high on cigarettes, but wasn’t effected by pot.

  • DrMesmer

    This amazing Herb needs to be in the hands of the People as our Founding fathers said often in many different ways! The modern “Legalization Movement” has been largely co-opted by “Canna-Carpet Baggers with Canna-Jim Crow laws that aim to hyper regulate this important resource.
    The Jack Herer “California Cannabis Hemp Initiative” is designed to end the viscous War On Cannabis and empower the citizenry with fair and reasonable access to this wonder plant and not allow it to be monopolized by Sean Parker and his 1%er friends here in California. It can me modified to fit any state or country and stands as the only reasonable model today!

  • AnotherLover

    When the preventable deaths have been tallied, the bells should begin their tolling, and ring loudly as justice prevails…

  • Hp B

    Two puffs a day, keeps the doctor away.
    (everyone knows that)

  • 1right1

    Just say “NO” to “DRUGS” ! And “YES” to “REAL” good plants !
    Anxiousness happen the first few times but has been smooth smokin for the last 30yrs.
    It takes care of my heart burn when I get it , It’s better than any muscle relaxer ,you can bet it. I was offered a drug that caused a heart attack or a stroke but all I could think about was stems and seeds and the BUD I wanted to smoke. I don’t trust any doctors or any drugs cause Pharma , FDA and GOV are nothing but a bunch of lying conniving Fu__s. If you don’t see that I am ” RIGHT ” well that’s to bad cause me and many don’t take pills and smoke weed day and night.

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