8 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Garlic


By Heather Callaghan

For all the amazing health benefits of garlic – wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get the best benefits and stop wasting this superfood? Whether it’s eating, storing or cooking garlic – there are some things you need to know to get the best benefits.

Here are 8 amazing garlic hacks!



1.) You’re Eating It Way Too Soon – Garlic contains an enzyme “allinase” and “alliin” which converts to allicin when exposed to oxygen. This is the most highly prized component of garlic as it is a powerful antioxidant that also staves off infection. This process culminates between 5 and 15 minutes. Garlic that is raw is best eaten 15 minutes after it is crushed at room temperature. This is perfect because it can be crushed and set aside while you do other kitchen prep and then it can be eaten raw, on buttered toast or cooked into a meal. Waiting for the allicin enzyme reaction will even protect the benefits of garlic while cookingNever, ever attempt to swallow garlic whole – each clove is about the same exact size as the human esophagus.

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2.) You’re Storing It Wrong – Some people refrigerate garlic and some people leave it on the counter or on top of the fridge – but this is a terrible waste. Garlic is best stored in a mesh or ventilated bag and kept in a dark, cool and dry place. This way, it will keep for three to five months, saving your garlic and money.


You've been bark garlic wrong your whole life
3.) You’re Spending Hours Peeling It – There are easy ways to peel multiple garlic cloves at once. Smash the bulb with your palm, place in a jar with a lid or mixing bowl with some kind of lid and shake! shake! shake! You can also place cloves in a cup of hot water while you prep, and the peels will come right off. To peel just one clove, carefully press the flat side of a large knife over the clove and press to crush the skin.
Watch it in action and keep your fingernails clean:

How to Peel Garlic – Life Hack by e-mob 

4.) You’re Burning It – When cooking, garlic is among the first things to burn and you don’t want to eat burnt, blackened food. When sauteing, saute your onions or other goods first until nearly done, then add your sliced or crushed garlic. If using garlic in the oven – say, on roasted veggies with butter – try to either add garlic later or mix with butter and then mix into the other ingredients down into your casserole dish. Adding garlic last while cooking is good for flavor that will last long into leftovers.



5.) You’re Throwing It Out – It should be the rarest occasion to have to throw garlic away, especially if you’re storing it right. Garlic can be peeled, washed, and frozen for future use. The skins can be used in compost. But the biggest mistake people make (including myself!) is throwing it away when it starts to sprout. This doesn’t mean it has gone bad – some say the benefits multiply when it sprouts. But, if the sprouting bothers you, simply plant it!

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6.) You Smell Like It – There’s no need! Parsley, fennel seeds and peppermint essential oil can neutralize the smelly sulfur compounds that travel quickly through the body and out the lungs. Got garlic hands? Rub them on stainless steel. You can use your sink or this block.


7.) You’re Buying It From China – Unfortunately, China has too many growing and mass food issues with virtually no regulation. Furthermore, the U.S. really doesn’t inspect the imports. Garlic has the ability to help the body draw out lead – I wonder if it may be drawing it from the soil, since lead is said to be a problem with Chinese garlic. Other issues are bleaching, growth inhibitors, human sewage as fertilizer and pesticides like methyl bromide. Garlic is great for the thyroid with its iodine, but bromides hurt the thyroid by blocking the uptake of iodine. Honestly, since the U.S. uses a lot of the same practices its questionable how much more beneficial the U.S. garlic is – perhaps it is only more fresh. Compare a U.S. grown garlic bulb to a Chinese bulb, however, and you’ll taste the difference right away. Organic is best! There are some claims that you can identify which garlic is which by its appearance, but checking the label or store sign is your best bet.

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8.) You’re Not Growing It – The best way to ensure high quality and fresh garlic is to grow it! While some people plant their scraps, you can also buy bulbs at your local nursery or buy bulbs online. Avoid mold by reading this excellent and thorough post on the topic.

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Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, natural health blogger and food freedom activist. She is the editor and co-founder of NaturalBlaze.com. Like at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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