Reverse Inflammation and Become Disease Proof With One Ingredient


By Jesse Alvarado

You may be surprised to learn that charcoal isn’t made exclusively out of wood. Charcoal can be made from a wide range of materials including peat, sawdust, bone char, and coconut shells. Coconut shell charcoal is one of the most commonly sold and used forms of activated charcoal – and for good reason. It produces a high quality and extremely absorbent charcoal without damaging the environment.

There are higher standards for ‘food-grade’ activated charcoals compared to other charcoals that are available. Food-grade activated charcoals are made to be consumed, or used in devices that filter blood such as liver and kidney dialysis units.

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Benefits Of Coconut Charcoal

Eastern medicine has been using activated charcoal for centuries to combat different health problems. Activated charcoal has been known to relieve gas and bloating and pull and remove toxins from the body that can assault our health with things like pain and inflammation. Here are some reasons you should consider including activated charcoal in your holistic health arsenal.

  1. It has been reported on multiple occasions that people who detox with activated coconut charcoal have naturally increased energy levels.
  2. Because of the way activated charcoal is created, it sucks up toxins that your body can’t rid itself of and expels them from your system.
  3. It helps rid the body of excess waste naturally. It helps flush out the colon and improve bowel movements helping you rid your system of excess baggage.
  4. With its ability to rid your body of toxins, activated charcoal can also help you lose weight! Your body won’t be bogged down from those toxins, allowing it to perform at its highest level possible making it super efficient at burning fat.
  5. With a streamlined body comes a more powerful and efficient immune system! Your body will be able to detect bacteria and viruses quicker, helping you heal faster.
  6. Toxins can cause proteins and hormones in the body to be knocked out of wack. With coconut charcoal’s ability to fight toxins, you’ll notice that your hair will grow healthier and stronger than before.
  7. People have reported to be less foggy and have sharper focus after using activated charcoal, improving their cognitive abilities.
  8. With a body that is free of toxins, you’ll have stronger and healthier organs that are able to fight off the weight of aging has on them.

Buying Activated Coconut Charcoal

When buying activated coconut charcoal, it is important to make sure that it is created with steam instead of with chemicals. Some activated charcoals are created using a chemical process that requires less heat to treat the materials. While these chemicals may be considered safe, it’s best to go as natural as possible.

Coconut charcoal created with steam uses just that and nothing else. The material is heated to over 1000℉ in the absence of oxygen in giant industrial ovens. This is the best method of activating the material, making it difficult to reproduce it at home with the same results.

Get your body running on all cylinders with activated coconut charcoal and reap the benefits of an improved system!


Editor’s note: activated charcoals are extremely powerful and are naturopath-recommended in pulling layers of mucous out of the intestinal tract. That would be a good first step for natural health. One recommended to us, to take 4 per day on an empty stomach (never near any medicine or food). He thought this inexpensive brand would do the trick. If constipation occurs, take one cape aloe at night on an empty stomach. Coconut/steam treated caps are twice the price, but reviewers seem to think it helps with regularity. Both have helped people with bad breath and IBS. It should be in everyone’s first aid kit, too!

Jesse Alvarado writes for Healthy Holistic Living where this article first appeared. He is a graduate of the Creative Advertising program at Seneca College. Coupled with his great passion for writing, Jesse is a strong believer of “With great power, comes great responsibility”. He is enthusiastic of sharing knowledge that can help people lead long and healthy lives. Like on Facebook and Twitter.

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