Canadians Just Prevented Full Dairy Raid on Michael Schmidt


By Heather Callaghan

Breaking! A dairy raid just took place today on Michael Schmidt’s raw dairy farm in Canada. All eyes had been on Schmidt for years as he is a beloved farmer and food freedom activist who was constantly targeted by agents, along with Canadian sheep farmer Montana Jones.

Agents confiscated his items and started loading them onto trucks. The power of the people who arrived as soon as they heard, compelled agents to start unloading the items back onto his farm, preventing the would-be raid.

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The power of peaceful accountability kept government theft at bay…

From The Bovine:

American raw milk activist Liz Reitzig posted the following on Facebook today at about 11:45 am:

URGENT: Michael Schmidt is getting raided right now! Agents are on the farm right now. Michael is requesting anyone who can please come to the farm immediately with video recording equipment. 393889 Concession 2 West Gray Durham, Ontario CA Please share. Very urgent!

Likewise, Montana Jones sounded a call to action (The Bovine):

Government typically raids on Fridays because it’s less likely to get into the news, and fewer people are on social media then—so get over there to stand beside him! It is 5 hours away for me and I am not allowed to see him except in lawyers presence due to our bail conditions. MAKE THIS NEWS and share!”

Reitzig says the agents present were: Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, police, Regulatory Compliance Unit of Ontario, Ministry of Finance, Dairy Inspection branch working for the dairy farmers of Ontario.

She explains:

Michael Schmidt has a farm where multiple people own the farm and he milks the cows that provide the owners with fresh milk. He is being raided because, in Canada, raw milk is completely illegal and the “authorities” will stop at nothing to keep raw milk away from people who want it.

Watch the story unfold by food freedom investigative reporter David Gumpert:




The Bovine/Michael Schmidt Facebook

See more pictures at The Bovine.

With so many eyes and recording devices, the agents could not do what appeared to be a calculated sting operation – they had no other choice but to leave and return the nearly stolen items.

The last update from Schmidt was seven minutes ago:

Farm share members are happy. Many pick up their milk

People power

We will update if new developments spring forth – blessings to all those that had a role in stopping this chaos.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. She is the Editor of Like at Facebook.

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  • Mike Lashewitz

    Can you recognize the POWER of the PEOPLE?


    What’s up with these Food Nazis?

  • walcon

    Power of the People needs to spread all over the US too!

  • pontfadog

    It is illegal in Canada to have fresh safe dairy foods or meat, it has to be contaminated by government fiat.!!!

  • kimsaria

    Who put out the order for this raid? I’d be very interested to know.

  • Erwin Alber

    Your tax dollars at work! What’s wrong with these people? We increasingly live in a world which is being turned into a mental asylum run by its worst inmates.

    This kind of people power needs to happen in the USA when they start force vaccinating children in California – and elsewhere if the criminally insane manage to introduce mandatory vaccination into other states.

  • That is a good question – hard to say with all the agencies present

  • They want to own the food supply #monsanto #nwo

  • Monsanto/government

  • Monique Krawecki

    There should be supporters at Michael’s farm around the clock to prevent future raids. Absolutely amazing that this is Ontario, Canada. If I had access to raw milk, I would drink it as it’s much healthier for you. My grandmother was raised on it and when she was 80 years old, was told she had the bones of a 40 year old. The enzymes in raw milk help digest it. I’m sure lactose-intolerant people would benefit from raw milk if they could find local sources. I agree that it shouldn’t be sold in commercial grocery stores but from a clean local farmer and consumed right away would be fine.

  • Abe

    Shades of Bundyville! They’ll be back harder and heavier! This was common in the USA just a couple years ago. Pig, beef, dairy, raw stores, etc. I liked the way they stormed an old farmer and his wife in Wisconsin, and killed a young fawn. Have they quit doing those Stasi type raids, or are they just getting under the radar?
    Years ago I replaced authority/authorities with a$$hole/a$$hole$ which seems to make more sense to me. When we elect idiots that pass illegal laws, it’s time to yoke there a$$ out of office!!

  • Hugh_Jazscheens

    The milk “middlemen” hate it when anyone does an end-run around them and obtains milk directly from the farmer. If it’s been safe enough for mankind to drink for 10,000 years — and we’re living evidence that they did just fine — then it’s safe enough for us today.

    All the horror stories that have been spread about raw milk were caused by the rapid spread of commercial alcohol distilleries in the mid-19th century. With tons of waste mash, they opened dairy farms next to the factories to dispose of it.

    While waste mash can be used as a minor supplement for dairy cows’ feed, they cannot live on it exclusively. The result was sickly cows and poor milk. Those conditions no longer exist.

    Fresh apple cider is not pasteurized, and you don’t see the government “protecting” you from it. Honey is not pasteurized, and it’s loaded with microbes. Imagine the difference between a raw apple and a baked apple — they are not the same. The microbes and enzymes in raw milk are what make it valuable (largely not the milk itself), and are destroyed by pasteurization.

    If you’re allergic to milk products, check again. You’re allergic to PASTEURIZED milk, as all the ingredients that let you digest RAW milk have been destroyed. You’ve had too many doses of antibiotics and no longer have a healthy gut microbiome, and never will, unless you replace the missing microbes.

  • WhiteEagle

    Actually cow milk is not good for adults, and about a third of white races cannot digest it properly, while other races its even much higher, if given to native Africans (other than the Watuties (misspelled)) can make them vary sick.
    Goat milk on the other hand more folks is much more digestable.
    But over all, yes, its the live enzymes that give us a good immunity system, even to the point it is alleged that an all raw veggie diet can get rid of cancer.

  • WhiteEagle

    Our supermarket cider and honey are pasturized =/

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