Arson Suspected in Massive Fire at Monsanto Research Facility

monsanto-arson-fire-franceBy John Vibes

Earlier this week, a Monsanto research facility in France was burned to the ground. Monsanto and investigators suspect an arsonist was responsible for the blaze.

Monsanto representative Jakob Witten told Reuters that investigators “strongly suspect it was a crime as no electrical or other sources were found.” He added that “No Monsanto sites in Europe have so far been the victim of fires of criminal origin, this is unprecedented violence.”

The fire had multiple points of origin, meaning it is unlikely the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction or other natural causes. Investigators also noticed a strong smell of gasoline in different areas of the site.

France announced in June that it was banning sales of Roundup, Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, amid public pressure and the World Health Organization’s announcement that the product is probably carcinogenic. Further, last month the country announced it was strengthening its ban on genetically modified crops. Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations on the planet and faces particularly strong resistance in France. If the fire is confirmed to have been arson, it is possible this vociferous opposition might have been a motivating factor.

Nevertheless, the recent fire is merely the tip of the iceberg with regard to Monsanto’s recent problems.

The company recently moved to close three different research facilities to save money in the face of declining profits. As Reuters reported last week, Monsanto research centers in Middleton, Wisconsin, Mystic, Connecticut, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, will soon be closed to cut costs.

Last month, the infamous company announced it would be cutting 2,600 jobs — 12% of its workforce — in order to lower costs. Monsanto also announced a loss of 19 cents per share in the most recent quarter. Profits are expected to remain low throughout the year.

The Associated Press reported that Monsanto lost $156 million in the final quarter of last year alone, and this year is expected to be even worse.

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  • Bad Santa

    Seems there are still few men of deed out there. Thank you and keep on doing great work! The time for talk is long gone. Now it’s time for action. Burn, moth***ker, burn…

  • Jacob McDaniels

    It is truly a shame that this is what our society is becoming. Turning our backs on God and on science for a future of lawlessness and violence.

  • 1. Imaginary deities not acceptable.. it’s 2015 not 01 AD.
    2. Science? For food to be laced with insecticide, herbicide, viricide.. you eat then!

  • Hp B

    Maybe this was an act of God?
    See how flexible God is..

  • Jacob McDaniels

    Don’t blame the acts of sinners on God, it makes you no better than them.

  • Hp B

    Don’t misinterpret satire as sin, it makes you look foolish.

  • Abe

    They probably did it themselves for the insurance money to help cover all there lawsuits.

  • Jacob McDaniels

    You must live a very bad life to deny Science and God. I hope that someday you will find peace.

  • Braithwaite

    Great job. Perhaps the next fire could be at corporate HQ.

  • 11Mic22hael33

    YES!!! Burn them down! Mon-satan’s days are numbered! It’s nice to hear some good news for a change. It looks like the beginning of the END for the satanic new world order!

  • Average Joe American

    After all, Science gave us the atomic bomb, unsafe nuclear facilities dotting the planet, dynamite and napalm, poison gas, oil and natural gas for a petroleum based economy, a pharmacologically controlled society, petrochemical fertilizers, bee-killing chemical pesticides, and cross-fertilizing frankenfoods.

    And interpretations of God (religion) gave us the Children’s Crusade, the Inquisition, assorted holy wars, assorted witch hunts, stonings, hangings, and burnings, and millions upon millions of people dying brutal, horrible deaths (or possibly worse, living enslaved to religiously-motivated conquerors).

    You may say, well perhaps, but these were never intended. Well, they happened over the centuries and they shape our world today. Pretty hard to claim we’re looking at a few isolated instances, that most people are essentially good.

    We’re probably not even talking about Science and Religion, rather Scientism and Religiosity, which latter two have never benefited mankind in any way, but have in fact done irreparable harm and continue to do so today. Usually not for any universal good, but invariably for the profit of a few at the incalculable expense of many.

  • Jacob McDaniels

    It sounds like you can only see the negatives. Sorry, hopefully this isn’t the way you live your life.

  • Jacob McDaniels

    You are the on judging much more than I. I never revealed my religious thoughts, you just assume. My particular belief doesn’t really matter as I would hope we could all live together in peace no matter what God we follow. For you though it seems that you can only see bad in the world around, could it be because that is what you really feel? As for your gmo pesticide laced food, if you would look into things you would see that conventionally raised non gmo crops contain not only more, but more dangerous pesticides.

  • hit

    God & manly”science” don’t mix well, you punk.!!

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