What a Scientist Wants You to Know About Alzheimer’s, Aluminium and Elimination

By Natural Blaze

An exclusive interview with Dr. Christopher Exley of Keele University about the Age of Aluminum and what that means for your health. His breakthrough research discovered that a simple type of water might hold the key to empowering your health while human exposure to aluminium continues to rise exponentially.

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Heather Callaghan of Natural Blaze interviews Dr. Exley about exposure to aluminium, its worldwide reach including as an adjuvant in vaccines, his research on silicon-rich waters and the safe elimination of the metal from the body, false health claims on the internet that may have taken his research out of context, his quest to test the Alzheimer’s aluminum link and what we can do to empower our health in the face of willful complacency found in governments, industry and medical/pharma fields.

This is where real science speaks!

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  • AnotherLover

    Astute viewers know, of course, it was the aluminum industry that devised the very first public propaganda about fluoride and dental health — hat tip Christopher Bryson, The Fluoride Deception

    Any info on silicon additives? 30 ppm you say… If you already drink bottled water from 5-gal bottles, then this
    solution could be ideal. But I haven’t looked into it, and no mention
    was made in this interview, unless I missed it. I just saw some silica — SiO2 — water additives at the store yesterday. Now, it sounds like that’s not what we want. Your body’s probably not capable of breaking the SiO2 apart to get the Si. Is that about right?

    It seems not-impossible to blast some Si ions into some water, perhaps at high pH. I really like the additive idea because the thought of getting all your water out of 1-liter bottles at 10 – 20x the cost of even delivered spring water sounds outrageous right out of the box. The liter probably costs $3-4. The 5 gal spring water costs 5 or 6 dollars. If you do this treatment for a year, averaging 1 liter/day, you’re at almost 400 liters by the end of the year, which is approx. 100 gallons. So that’s about 100 bucks for the spring water, and 1,200-1,600 dollars for the mineral water. That’s prohibitive for most people, and pricey for most of the rest. Now, if it cures Alzheimer’s, of course, it’s a bargain. If it works, the best advice is “do what it takes to get that silicon water.” I’m going to look into silicon additives. It can’t be impossible to dissolve it in water, you know?

  • AnotherLover

    Okay, so, any word on what the good doctor thinks of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA)? BioSil is a brand.

    It sounds like what we want is silicic acid, because we can’t break the SiO2 apart to get the Si in our bodies, at least not to any great degree. SiO2 is just very hard to dissolve. And once you dissolve it, it wants to undissolve. It actually grabs the water around it and uses it to revert back into silica gel. Now with silicic acid (H4SiO4) you start with SiO2, take the O2 away and replace it with 4 OH groups, thus the H4 and the O4 in H4SiO4, silicic acid. The OH groups (“hydroxyl groups”) break apart from the Si easily in water, leaving a pristine Si ion for uptake.

    The problem with silicic acid is that it wants to revert to other clumped-up forms of silicic acid and finally to revert to silica, SiO2. I think that’s what Exley is refering to in the bit on silica supplements. He says they’re “colloids,” I think, which might be a description of the silicic acid as it begins to revert to silica, since it’s a process of slowly clumping together.

    Apparently choline chloride stabilizes dissolved silica as true silicic acid, called orthosilicic acid (the other forms of silicic acid represent steps in the process of reverting back to silica). So I wonder what Exley thinks of ch-OSA.

  • AnotherLover

    Okay just finished a short email exchange with Christopher Exley himself. He got right back to me on the issue. What he’s saying is that chloline chloride doesn’t actually stabilize silicic acid. So products that advertise that are misleading. It sounds like it’s just very difficult to dissolve silica in water and store it. It’s just not very soluble.

    I’m wondering, though, if a machine couldn’t be assembled that would generate the acid on the spot, like a silica-rich Glacier machine. It seems like you can get silica to dissolve in certain conditions — very high pH being one — but over time it will revert back to silica.

    At any rate, what he’s saying is mineral water is the best source he’s been able to find after looking for a long, long time, and that products advertised as silicic acid probably aren’t.

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