What a Scientist Wants You to Know About Alzheimer’s, Aluminium and Elimination

By Natural Blaze

An exclusive interview with Dr. Christopher Exley of Keele University about the Age of Aluminum and what that means for your health. His breakthrough research discovered that a simple type of water might hold the key to empowering your health while human exposure to aluminium continues to rise exponentially.

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Will you help him be the one to scientifically test the Aluminium Alzheimer’s link? His research fundraiser:https://futsci.com/project/the-alumin…

Heather Callaghan of Natural Blaze interviews Dr. Exley about exposure to aluminium, its worldwide reach including as an adjuvant in vaccines, his research on silicon-rich waters and the safe elimination of the metal from the body, false health claims on the internet that may have taken his research out of context, his quest to test the Alzheimer’s aluminum link and what we can do to empower our health in the face of willful complacency found in governments, industry and medical/pharma fields.

This is where real science speaks!

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