Public Hygiene Through the Ages

By Natural Blaze

We received an interesting infograph submission from a UK plumbing parts company. At first, we weren’t sure what to think until an interesting part of history began to unfold.

We often make a point here to show gratitude for those who made contributions to plumbing and public sanitation. History is fraught with disease anytime a civilization moves away from the universal concept of removing waste and basic personal hygiene.

While history is portrayed as a pungent, dark time especially when it comes to sanitation – it isn’t accurate to say it wasn’t an important topic. Many developments were made in 6,000 years – sometimes it looks as though we went full circle. If you get a chance to time-travel, you will want to know what a nose-gay is and what it’s used for. You’d want to know how to bathe, brush your teeth and importantly – where to go!

Without further ado – Gardaloo!

  Plumbworlds Hygiene Through History

Thank you Plumbworld

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