Great Reasons To Stop Buying Disposable Water Bottles Today (w/infographic)

By Amanda Froelich

Learn the facts so you can more easily ditch plastic water bottles and contribute to a greener planet!

As TrueActivist recently shared, there are a number of reasons to ditch bottled water. Unfortunately, it seems repetition is the trick to inspiring a mind to take note. For this reason, an informative Infographic displaying a number of shocking and thought-provoking statistics follows.

Crafted by Wheels For Wishes, the infographic conveys many lesser-known truths, including the actual source of most bottled waters, the environmental damage caused, and the amount of water wasted every day in the United States.

Buying bottled water bottled water isn’t only expensive and less healthy than sourcing local aqua, it’s contributing to a massive amount of landfill trash each year. Become educated on the facts below and share this article to raise awareness.

Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes

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