Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood; Are Vaccines and Microwaves Next?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Finally, the United States Congress has garnered enough collective ethics and determination to investigate the horrible butchering that goes on at Planned Parenthood, the premiere abortion facility in the USA. Additionally, “Abortion Survivors Will Headline Hearing Next Week on Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies.”

It’s a multi-committee congressional hearing, and rightfully so. Members, according to, will hear from two abortion survivors—can you imagine that? Can you imagine knowing that your mother deliberately wanted to kill you in utero? What kind of ‘personal baggage’ is that one has to carry around in life? Nevertheless, the two female survivors will relate the horrific procedures they survived in order to advocate for fetal rights, especially after detailing what fetuses are exposed to in utero in order to terminate their lives—basically kill them.

Some of the ‘medical procedures’ that apparently will be discussed at the hearing will be included in testimony from:

Gianna [Jessen] speaks about how she started suffering from cerebral palsy as a result of being starved of oxygen while she fought to stay alive in her mother’s womb. She now, however, sees this condition as a gift and asks: “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine? There was not a radical feminist standing up and yelling about how my rights were being violated that day; in fact, my life was being snuffed out in the name of women’s rights.” [1]

[Melissa] Ohden’s mother had an abortion to end her eight month-old child’s life, but Melissa miraculously lived.

Her mother was in college and 19-years-old with no father to support her when she decided to terminate her unborn child with a saline abortion. This type of abortion involves injecting a toxic saline solution into the amniotic fluids surrounding the pre-born baby in the womb, scalding it to death from the outside in.

Melissa soaked in the solution of chemicals for five days until labor was induced and she was thought to be dead. A nurse happened to hear her muffled cry, and luckily Melissa’s biological parents chose to give her up for adoption instead. [1]

Here’s an update on that congressional hearing reported as “Planned Parenthood Misleads, Women Testify at Congressional Hearing.”

The role that the federal government has played in the termination of millions of fetuses through its funding of Planned Parenthood is of comparable legal and moral exacerbations children experience in the first year after a live birth due to the inordinate fraudulent information [4] of vaccinology ‘science’, vaccine manufacturers, and medical professional ‘unions’: the American Medical Association, American Board of Pediatrics and the over 250 medical associations [2] that support and/or administer toxic vaccines and vaccinations, especially those administered to one-day-old neonates and 2, 4 and 6-month olds!

Most, if not all the above medical associations, philosophically, medically and ‘scientifically’ support the administration of numerous toxic vaccines to everyone. Pubescent teens are targeted with the HPV vaccines Gardasil®, Gardasil 9® and Cervarix®, which have a sordid track record of ‘safety’ that includes devastating adverse consequences, such as 232 reported deaths, 12,677 emergency room visits, 4,083 hospitalizations for a total of 40,215 VAERS HPV vaccine adverse reports up to July 2015, and as reported by SaneVax.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousands of adverse events reported on the U.S. CDC’s VAERS reporting system, and yet no one in Congress is calling for an investigation. It would seem that the U.S. Congress doesn’t see the need to protect children at any age: prenatal, neonatal, toddler, teen or even college students, since it’s not concerned enough to investigate the totally toxic ingredients being injected into kids! That does not make sense!

But there’s another even more sinister aspect to the congressional lack of responsibility toward U.S. children’s health and wellbeing. It’s the very fact that children will be deprived an education because parents, who fear for their children’s health being impacted negatively by vaccines—for which no one seems to be legally responsible in the USA; forget the kangaroo Vaccine Court—seek religious or philosophical exemptions to vaccinations.

From all that’s going on in the United States regarding legalized abortion (under the guise of ‘women’s health’ services) and mandatory vaccinations (under the guise of ‘herd immunity’) at state and federal levels, one probably is inclined to think that the U.S. apparently is not legislatively child-friendly! Is that deliberate due to powerful lobbying efforts, or part and parcel of what some people point to: the first message of the Georgia Guidestones [3]? Who and why would someone spend so much money to erect such a monument? Some claim the controllers always give us hints!

The other equally-devastating health issue affecting U.S. children, which Congress and states must address immediately, is Wi-Fi [a] in schools and classrooms! Another ‘smart’ device that also works using microwave technology is Smart Meters for electric, natural gas and water utilities. Low level microwave EMFs and RFs suppress the immune system and cause other health problems [5]. Is that what U.S. federal and state agencies want for children?

All the above reminds me of an episode in the CBS sitcom All in the Family, which aired from 1971 to 1979, when Edith supposedly said to Archie, “But I thought the government was supposed to care, and protect us.” You know what Archie’s retort apparently was? “Edith, they don’t give a —-.”


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