10 Questions to Challenge the Cancer Research Establishment

By Paul A. Philips

Cancer research, headed by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, has a motto that goes “cancer together we’ll beat it” or words to that effect. Over the recent decades gone by there has been an overall rise in cancer incidents/deaths even though there has been increased funding. Therefore, cancer research still hasn’t come up with a real effective solution.

Does the cancer establishment need to look further outside their current paradigm? Is a more holistic approach needed? Many people seem to think so for a number of reasons. Some would go further and say that certain holistic approaches have been looked into and found to be highly effective but the cancer establishment has not only ignored this but also unjustly ridiculed it.

In light of the above, here are my 10 questions to challenge the cancer research establishment.

1. With a lack of real success in finding a cure for cancer isn’t it high time the establishment recognises that the mechanistic approach to medicine is the limiting factor and a more holistic approach is needed that fully addresses the very fabric of our being?

2. In light of the above, shouldn’t there be greater recognition given to the body’s natural capacity for healing and the related naturopathic healing methodologies associated with the mind-body-spirit connection?

3. How much consulting have you had with naturopaths to hear the “other side of the story?”

4. Isn’t the placebo effect an example of the mind-body-spirit connection which needs more investigation and explaining?

5. Following on with nutrition, consistent with the saying of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates “Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine,” how can the cancer research establishment generally ignore the idea that nutrition can be used for cancer prevention and reversal when our physical bodies by nature exist through the building blocks associated with nutrition?

6. How can the cancer establishment consider the role of vitamins and enzymes to be unimportant when so much research and development has been done to try and imitate these molecules and their role in the body’s metabolic processes?

7. Supported by convincing research, how can the establishment ignore the important and highly effective role of sunlight (vitamin D3 source) as a form of cancer prevention/reversal?

8. Again, supported by research, how can the establishment basically ignore the importance of exercise and its role in cancer prevention and healing?

9. If the pioneers of alternative medicine with breakthrough cures are mere “quacks” then how is it that you fail overall to provide sound, logical and informative reasons why they are to be ridiculed as such?

10. Could it be, by ignoring claims of successful cheap, natural and non-toxic cures it serves a hidden ulterior motive? That, being that hoary old chestnut, greed and self-interest?

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm.

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