Dr. Tenpenny on Why You Should Say NO to Vaccines

By Natural Blaze

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gave a highly enlightening interview on Red Ice Radio recently where she had the floor to talk about the immune system, contracting infection, the real history of diseases like Polio and vaccines, autism explosion, neurotoxins, the mind boggling Hepatitis B vaccine given at birth, all forms of vaccine injury, the HPV vaccine and more.

You may remember that she is a doctor and author who has spoken out about the damages caused by vaccines and the lack efficacy. As a result, she has often been targeted by the media and was even compelled to cancel a tour in Austraila after so-called “pro-vax” troll groups sprouted from nowhere and made violent threats.

Later, they discuss recent mandatory vaccine legislation, the “Healthy People 2020 agenda and the 2010 declaration by the World Health Organization that this is the ‘decade of vaccines.'”

From Red Ice Creations:

Sherri covers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) faulty science and the vaccine industry’s incorrect premises – outlining some not-so-secret studies that clearly show people should be less alarmed about contracting viruses and more concerned with being poisoned by toxic chemicals coming through the needle. We discuss the ramped-up vaccine schedule started in 1991, when 49 doses of 16 vaccines with 65 different toxic chemicals became the normal routine for children beginning at infancy. We look at the hysteria and hype over virus outbreak “epidemics” that have brought forth the legislation of some very steep mandatory vaccination policies infused with politics and big money.

Hour 1 (hour 2 is available to members there). If you can’t view try this link:

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Learn more about Sherri’s work:
Dr. Tenpenny on Facebook
Jonas Salk

See more information at Red Ice Creations and hear interesting interviews at Red Ice Radio

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