America’s Top Holistic Doctors

Sometimes, an interest in medicine extends beyond the body to the mind and spirit. Holistic medicine is the belief that love can heal the body, as well as that improved attitudes, emotions, and social relationships can have a lasting healing effect. Of course, holistic medicine also includes body medicines, such as nutrition, exercise, and physiology in the western sense.

The following highlights three of the nation’s top holistic doctors, and how you too can embrace the mind, body, and spirit to cultivate a rewarding new career.

Dr. Mark Stengler of the Stengler Center

What sets a holistic doctor apart? Well, first a holistic doctor should provide medical support for the whole body, including the non-physical parts. Dr. Stengler’s specializes in balance; meaning, he received medical training in both natural and alternative medicines.

Second, a quality reputation is a great way to determine a doctor’s abilities. Known as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave,” Dr. Stengler has been featured on PBS (Natural Healing with Mark Stengler) and has a reputation for “delivering the most advanced, effective natural therapies available.”

Dr. Erin Holston Singh Since 1999

Dr. Erin Holston Singh is known to most simply as Dr. Erin. She was the first president of the Ohio Chapter of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the first of her kind to practice in Ohio where there weren’t any natural medicine doctors.

From her, you can learn how to remain strong in the face of adversity. Despite there being no precedence for natural medicine in Ohio, she created one. She pioneered a place for other doctors to come to the state, and practice this most beneficial medicine.

Meet Lyn Patrick, ND

The ND stands for naturopathic doctor, or natural doctor. Dr. Patrick graduated from Bastyr University, and earned herself this title. According to her bio, she’s trained in “all aspects of family health and wellness, from pediatrics to geriatrics.”

From Dr. Patrick, you can learn what it means to be diverse. By making herself available in many ways, she’s earned herself a stellar reputation. She’s delivered children, performed minor surgery, and prescribed medicine, as well as treated eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and nicotine addiction.

Is Holistic or Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition the Career for You?

Naturopathic doctors face a unique set of challenges, but if you’re assertive and equip yourself with the right tools, you can go very far in this career.

Here’s the steps you’ll need to take to incorporate wellness into the lives of your patients:

1. Become a licensed naturopathic physician by attending a 4-year graduate level program at an accredited educational institution.

2. Learn everything you can about improving a patient’s life using diet, exercise, and spiritual wellness.

3. Join a practice or start one. Be sure to equip yourself with the right administrative tools, such as scheduling tools, managed patient care, prescription organization, and billing tools. AdvancedMD medical billing software can help, as it offers more than five systems for a more all-in-one approach to medical organization.

4. Reach out to patients. Market yourself using a marketing agency, or networking with other industry professionals. Oftentimes, natural medicine careers are built on referrals. Reach out to other organizations, and ask them to send patients your way.

The above named doctors are among the best in the country, and they earned that title through hard work and effort. If you focus yourself, you too can be successful in the world of natural medicine.

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