AMA Shoots at “Quacks” Like Oz Again: Fulfills Original Goal

By Heather Callaghan

The American Medical Association (AMA) has, for over one hundred years, trained the American public to only trust their licensed medical doctors.

But what happens when one of them – a cardiac surgeon of all things – charismatically fulfills the hungry consumer market for health information? He must be stopped!

The AMA has launched a new campaign to cut down Dr. Oz of The Dr. Oz Show in order to preserve their medical dogma. In the process, they – with the help of the willing media – have called him a quack espousing “pseudo-science” (i.e. anything not Big Pharma-approved) and are officially ostracizing him.

Yet, if you knew the true origins of the AMA, you could point and laugh at the naked emperor instead of joining the propagandists at throwing stones at a TV show that might sadly be the only real nutritional advice most Americans get.

VOX reports:

Medical students and residents frustrated with bogus advice from doctors on TV have, for more than a year, been asking the American Medical Association to clamp down and “defend the integrity of the profession.” 

Now the AMA is finally taking a stand on quack MDs who spread pseudoscience in the media. 

“This is a turning point where the AMA is willing to go out in public and actively defend the profession,” Benjamin Mazer, a medical student at the University of Rochester who was involved in crafting the resolution, said. “This is one of the most proactive steps that the AMA has taken [on mass media issues].”

Did you catch that new buzz term? Quack MDs… This is a first! Remember, for over a hundred years, the campaign has been to only trust licensed MDs. Kudos to them for working the words “quack” and “pseudoscience” into the same sentence – that couldn’t possibly be any kind of media manipulation.

Watch out – the report continues to say that the AMA will be creating their own “ethical” medical guidelines that doctors had better follow or else… They took a vote at their get together in Chicago last week – but you weren’t invited. You don’t get to decide who is the authority over your health and body – they get together and strategize ways of securing that.

If Dr. Oz doesn’t proactively stomp this campaign out somehow, he may get snuffed and at that point Americans had better get livid, make demands and refuse to see AMA-beloved doctors until they can get some real answers. Just as with Natural Cures author, Kevin Trudeau, the campaign which includes the Federal Trade Commission, is targeting the weight-loss angle.

If you know the true Rockefeller/Big Banker origins of the AMA in order to slice away all modes of alternative health therapies, then it becomes nothing more than an obvious smear campaign to further clamp any empowering health information. It’s strategic power hoarding. Additionally, would it really benefit the average American to watch the typical talk shows instead of being exposed – albeit in a highly marketable, bedazzling salesman fashion – to a vast array of new foods, supplements and the way vitamins and minerals fulfill various body functions? Something beyond third grade health class? Four million viewers a day have made positive demands in grocery stores and health food stores alike.

One of the greatest crash courses on the AMA’s original goal to silence beneficial and “alternative” health modes (they weren’t called alternative back then!) is the Source Watch page, because the intricate origins are sourced. Some would say – oh, that’s a conspiracy – you’re darn right it is! It was largely successful in the 19th and 20th centuries and continues through today like a boulder down a mountain. It also included the Federal Trade Commission along with other big players in a concerted effort. Another source with AMA origins is a book called MediSin. If a licensed medical doctor/surgeon is being relentlessly attacked by the AMA for quackery, simply replace the word quackery with the term “not getting with the original program.”

I peeked at The Dr. Oz Show site today just for fun only to find vast resources for nutrition, recipe, weaning off sugar and spotting lesser-known symptoms of cancer. What a horrible person. A doctor who uses the medium of television and the Internet to inform people sitting on their butts to get up and move, eat better, empower themselves but also see their AMA doctor if necessary? Disingenuous! The way he fulfills the original meaning of the word “doctor” is completely unconscionable.

If you recall the best 4 ways to spot Big Pharma’s astroturfing and media manipulation (all four tactics have been deployed against Oz), then you can laugh and see this campaign to heroically “expose quackery” to the America people for what it really is…

Cutting down an American idol to continue securing all medical power; all sources of medical information.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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