4 Different Ways To Use Up That Avocado Pit

By David Benjamin

There are many fruits and vegetables that contain parts (seeds, stems, roots, leaves etc.) that we have been taught are not edible so we throw them away. We see our parents throwing these food scraps away growing up and we think nothing of it. Lately though, I’ve noticed more people becoming conscious of a full plant’s nutritional value and the effort to not waste something that is potentially edible and very nutritious. A great example is wasting celery leaves. Most people (and grocery stores) have these cut off so you cannot eat the leaves. Some farms and CSA organizations leave the leaves on.

Celery leaves, however, are actually edible and contain quite a bit more nutrition than the celery stalk itself. You can read more about that here. Realizing the root, stem, seeds and leaves are often edible, you may begin to see your food in a whole new, appreciative light.

An avocado is no exception to that rule. I wouldn’t go eating the skin on an avocado because it feels and looks quite indigestible but the avocado pit is a different story. Most people throw their avocado pit away without even thinking about it. I was one of those people as well until I discovered how it can be used.

4 Different Ways To Use That Avocado Pit

1. Put The Pit in Your Guacamole: Some people say by putting the avocado pit in their guacamole dip it helps to preserve and keep the freshness. Some say it works, some say it doesn’t… Editor’s note: works for us. LiveScience offers their theory why

2. Grow More Avocados!: Of course the pit is what grows an avocado so you can grow another tree from the pit itself. If you have land or able conditions and soil it’s worth trying to create more healthy organic food on the house (the house being mother nature.)

3. Make A Dye For Clothing & Fabrics: This woman actually made a pink dye from the avocado pit and peel, believe it or not. Who would have thought it would have turned out pink? Read about it here.

4. Eat or Drink: The pit contains calcium, magnesium and potassium but it is also rich in fiber, antioxidants, flavanols and polyphenols, thought to prevent tumor growth. The pit also has anti-inflammatory benefits because of its unique nutritional profile. You can grind it up and add it to your smoothie. Use it in a sauce or dressing recipe to add more minerals and antioxidants. It will add a slightly bitter taste to the sauce or dressing flavor profile.

There is a low dose of fungicidal toxin called persin that animals don’t respond well to in large doses so if you’re allergic to latex, banana, melon or peach you may not respond well to avocado pits.

Edited by Heather Callaghan – full article originally from Healthy, Wild and Free. Incidentally, the pit itself is anti-fungal. We are currently growing a tree. Want to read directions on safely grinding the pit and a study about the benefits of avocado pits? Right over here.

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