The Explosion of E-Cig Culture

While the dangers of cigarette smoking have been well known for a long time, there hasn’t always been another alternative for smokers. With the invention of the e-cigarette or vaporizer, more and more people are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic. Vaping culture has exploded in America, turning smoking from a vice into a hobby.

Part of the explosion of e-cig culture is due to the convenience factor of smoking something that doesn’t give off secondhand smoke. Additionally, some suggest that they may help people quite smoking. And finally, the technology behind the batteries, atomizers, and liquids of these devices is turning e-cigs into a popular hobby, that sees many immerse themselves in the culture, and produces highly customized vaping devices.

The Convenience Factor

For those that make the switch to E-cigarettes from regular cigarettes, convenience is no doubt one of the biggest factors. Every year, cigarette smokers are pushed further towards the fringes of society. Many states and municipalities have passed public smoking laws, limiting the places that smokers can go to enjoy a cigarette. Citing the dangers of secondhand smoke, and others’ rights to not have to smell your cigarette smoke, freedom for smokers isn’t coming back any time soon.

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Those that vape rarely have issues upsetting other people with their smoke, because most times others can’t even smell it. While laws do exist to regulate the sale of E-cigarettes, especially to minors, and to control vaping in some public places, there are no wide spread public vaping bans like the laws in many states that ban smoking in public places. People that vape don’t have a problem finding places to e-light up. In addition, they don’t carry the stigma around with them of being a smoker.

Effective Cessation Devices?

Most manufacturers of E-cigs refrain from marketing their products as smoking cessation devices. For a long time, vaping lacked the scientific studies to back up the thought that they might help people stop smoking. As popularity increased however, it gave researchers a reason to study this product, and some studies are revealing that E-cigs can indeed, help you stop smoking.

A study conducted by the University College London, is revealing some promising numbers that could lead to E-cigs being thought of as more of a cessation device. 72% of the participants in the survey used to be smokers, and 76% of them were using e-cigarettes daily to help quell cravings, and beat their addiction. Additionally, of quitters who were vaping every day, only 6% relapsed after a month, and another 6% relapsed after the first year. While there haven’t been enough extensive studies done yet to claim effectiveness of E-cigs in this area, it does seem that they may be trending that direction.

Industry Technology

No doubt, one of the biggest factors behind the E-cigarette movement is the technology behind them. This part of vaping appeals to young smokers whose interests lie largely in technology. Additionally, it has produced E- cig culture that is becoming more of a hobby, allowing those that vape to both enjoy their nicotine and the process of customizing their device.

Part of this technology has to do with the atomizer. The atomizer is made up of a coil that is heated by the battery; the coil vaporizes the liquid that you inhale. Additionally, these atomizers can be built, rebuilt, and customized to fit your own needs.

A popular trend for those that customize their own devices is called sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vaping refers to using an atomizer with a coil whose resistance is less than 1 ohm. This allows the coil inside your atomizer to heat up both quicker and to a higher degree. Spreading a larger amount of heat over a larger area causes more liquid to be vaporized allowing users to blow dense vapor clouds, and experience even richer flavors.

However, the increased battery power and heat of sub-ohm vaping does create some dangers. Those that have not built a sub-ohm vaporizer before should do extensive research into this topic before trying it.

While some manufacturers have come under fire for including ingredients in E-liquid that are also included in anti-freeze, that is mostly the work of larger mass produced devices. Liquids purchased individually from a vapor outlet use safer ingredients that are approved by the FDA to be used in our food. With the advancements being made in the health and safety of E-cigs, these devices aren’t going anywhere soon.

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