3 Ways to Know You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

By The Spirit Science

Okay, let’s be real. You can have a soul level connection with anyone if you’re both open to the experience.

What does a soulmate mean to you?

It seems to be different for everyone – and that’s because we are all the creators of the definition. Is a soulmate someone you connect with so well that you’ll be with them forever? Is it someone you knew in another life? Is it someone you just met in this life?

You decide, as you are the author of your own story.

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You connect instantly

I like to think we all chose this life, we chose to come down and reincarnate on Earth at this time. Since we chose a sort of template of our physical existence, we chose the people who will be in our lives. You are your partner agreed to be together before you physically existed.

Sometimes the initial connection is hard to see, it may be subtle; you could be shy or scared but that connection is still created. When you first meet someone, you can create a deep and intense connection through eye gazing, energetic body language and conversation.

Body language, tone of voice and subtle aspects of communication aid greatly in knowing what kind of connection you have with someone. People come into our lives in different ways, it’s always possible to meet the future love of your life and first think that they are not your type.

Pay attention to the core of how you feel. If you met someone that you didn’t immediately have a close connection with, but you still feel attracted or interested – follow that feeling. If you just met someone and feel incredibly comfortable and open with them, it could a sign.

You have a high level of communication

Long lasting relationships have a high level of communication that is consistent and authentic. When you’re being as real as you can be, there’s nothing you have to hide.

You are completely open and in a space of vulnerability. It takes practice opening up to such levels of transparency; it’s something many are afraid of when it’s a natural state of being. Why are we so afraid of opening up completely?

Do we feel we have something to lose, or an aspect of ourselves we don’t want to show? Perhaps it’s an accumulation of many things. Your partner is the best person to practice being fully open with.

Communication comes in many different forms, just remember that it’s important to vocalize your needs and desires so your partner isn’t left guessing.

This is important during intimate moments of connection. Having good communication through intercourse ensures everyone is getting what they want and there is no room for guessing. Be forthcoming with your desires and needs; your partner should be happy to satisfy them.

You create together

There are a lot of couples that don’t do much together. It’s great just hanging out, watching movies and laying in bed; but how long can that last? Strong relationships have a shared core focus that can shift as you grow together.

What do you and your partner have in common?

Doing creative activities together is an amazing way to bond with each other. When you see your significant other in a state of forward motion, it’s incredibly powerful.

If you share a passion of the arts, science, the mysterious or the common; have your creations stem from there. This co-creation happens on all levels all the time – we are all creating this reality together. If there’s no specific shared passion, doing things like cleaning together, going on walks or listening to music with each other is a great way to connect over your interests.

If you can act as the catalyst for creation for your partner – you are bringing out the best of them. This is where a lot of relationships can lose that spark of passion. It’s the passion that’s missing – and that means in all aspects – not just the bedroom.

Passion is the push forward, the urge to continue, to progress and evolve. If you are your partner are in a state of creation, you are soulmates.

Beautiful Artwork by Puuung

This article first appeared at The Spirit Science.Net

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