The Impact of Technology on Health Care and Doctor’s Visits

As we move further into the future, it seems that even our trips to the doctor’s office could be dramatically changed as a result of technological advancements. Many experts expect that doctors will be required to rely more significantly on technology in the future, according to current surveys.

The industry of “telemedicine”, known around the world as e-health, telehealth, virtual visits, and e-visits, has developed over a number of years as a way to provide care for patients living in difficult to reach areas. Although the first instances of telemedicine arrived over forty years ago, it has been picked up rather slowly until now. Technology is beginning to have an impact on the health care services that we receive.

You may have already noticed some of the changes when you made your appointment online instead of with a phone call, or signed in on an electronic tablet when you arrived.

New Ways to Provide Care

The above changes could be considered somewhat small in comparison to the new health care technologies that are starting to be developed. Surgeons are making steps to retain as many patients as possible, and are therefore focusing on a more patient-oriented approach to medicine. Technology provided by companies like Solution Reach help greatly with patient retention, providing opportunities for customers to be reminded of their appointments electronically.

Technology is effectively transforming the way that primary care is being delivered, giving consumers’ access to better round-the-clock care for problems.

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The Results of Research

Like any progression in our society, the implementation of technology into the field of health and medicine has been thoroughly researched. As a result, a number of studies have begun to demonstrate that both patients and providers are happy to embrace technological innovations in how healthcare can be offered. Only this year, Cisco conducted a survey which found out the views of health care providers and customers when it comes to remote care health assistance and technology in making health care easier.

According to that survey, Cisco found that approximately three quarters of patients felt more comfortable with the concept of communicating with their doctor or doctor’s surgery through technology, rather than doing so in person. Almost half of the same patients surveyed, and two thirds of the healthcare providers commented that they would feel comfortable receiving and sharing more information on health through the channel of social media.

The Rise of Telemedicine

According to experts and research conducted by BBC Research, the telemedicine industry is expected to grow on a global scale within the following years. In 2016 alone, the worth of this industry is expected to triple to approximately $27.3 billion. The reason behind this is that more people are searching for ways to make doctors and surgeons more accessible and helpful to patients.

Being able to check your appointment time online is much simpler than having to drop into your local office, or make a phone call where you will be placed in a queue for ages. The more technology is embraced within the field of medicine, the more chances we have to make doctors’ visits more easily available and pleasant.

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