How a Smart Home Could Save You Money On Your Utility Bills

You’ve probably heard many times about “Green” initiatives, and ways to lower one’s carbon footprint and help keep Co2 emissions low. While it may seem like a chore to recycle, or make conscious “green” decisions, the advancement of smartphones and smart home technology is making going green easier than ever. Another benefit of going is saving some green on your utility bills.

Use a Smart Thermostat to Control Temperature

A very common start for most people is simply to use less electricity. Though this might seem like common knowledge, many people forget the little things, and they end up wasting energy. One example of how Smart homes can save energy is through the use of a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature of your home throughout the day, using less at times when no one is home. You can even program the temperature to specific zones, so you’re not heating that guest room that isn’t in use. CNET recommends the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Another option is to replace your current appliances, such as your stove, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer, with energy efficient models. These models use less energy, giving you more bang for your buck. You can find energy efficient appliances and their specific information on the Energy Star website.

Once you have energy efficient appliances, make sure you are using them in the proper way. Only wash full loads of laundry and full loads of dishes in order to conserve water and energy.

Install Smarter Lighting

You can install automatic lighting in your smart home to save energy. The lights go one when they sense movement in the room. Once the room is vacant, and the light no longer detects motion, it will automatically turn off. No more forgetting to turn off the lights means a significant savings on your utility bill.

Another popular green move is to switch your old light bulbs out in exchange for energy efficient bulbs. In the last five years, improvements on light bulbs have skyrocketed. From this new technology, we have light bulbs that use up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs. Among these bulbs, there are two that stand out, the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) bulbs.

Employ Smartphone Applications to Control Usage

Smartphone applications are used in conjunction with many elements of a smart home. For example, new “Smart Bulbs” have been released that are capable of being controlled by a cell phone over a WiFi connection. They allow the consumer to activate light switches from an application stored right on your smartphone, see how long said has been on, and even dim the bulb. There are applications to control the programmable Nest thermostat in your home, as well as other appliances.

Get the Best Price on Energy

Simply going online and looking for a lower rate for your electricity can save you money. Sites such as can help you find the best rates on ComEd Energy and other companies in your area. Whereas purchasing and installing smart appliances and devices in your smart home can cost you time and money, searching for lower rates is fast, easy, and free. It costs you nothing to go online and get yourself the electricity rate possible, and it has an immediate effect on your utility bill.

Smart home technology is changing the way we save energy. Smart homes save you money on your utility bills through the use of programmable thermostats, automated and energy-efficient lighting, and home control applications. You can also save money simply by shopping for the best rates online. The combination is good for the earth and your wallet.

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