GE Mosquitoes Could Soon Be on the Loose

By Center for Food Safety

Millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes could soon be released into the Florida Keys — with unknown impacts on one of our most fragile ecosystems – unless we stop it!

Oxitec, a British company, wants to use the Florida Keys as a testing ground for releasing GE mosquitoes in the U.S., with plans to release millions of these experimental mosquitoes into the open environment. Oxitec claims that the genetically engineered mosquitoes might help control mosquitoes that may carry dengue fever.

While working to reduce the spread of dengue is laudable, independent scientists aren’t even sure the plan to release these GE mosquitoes will work! At this point, it’s all risk and no reward.

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Florida Keys residents have been vocal in their opposition to this risky experiment, and now they need your help to take the message to the FDA. Will you join us?

There are still many unanswered questions about the impact of these GE insects on our environment. Independent scientists have raised serious concerns about the impacts the GE mosquito could have on the health of people and of sensitive ecosystems.1

We need independent, transparent safety assessments and a regulatory system equipped to deal with the novel risks from these experimental mosquitoes before they are released into our environment.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has no laws on the books to assess or regulate genetically engineered insects or animals — only antiquated regulations meant for “new animal drugs.” These regulations are simply not adequate to address the GE mosquito experiment. The FDA must ensure that health and environmental concerns are addressed and at a minimum put in place strong, updated regulations before deciding whether to allow this risky experiment to move forward.

Add your voice today! Tell FDA to say NO to GE mosquitoes!

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Center for Food Safety


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